When it comes to beauty, we’ve learned never to bat an eyelash at anything. Using sheet masks on our vaginas? Well, why not? Coffee as a kilay tint? We’ll try it once! If anything, these tricks allow us to have fun while experimenting—effective results or not.

So when we chanced upon this entertaining and highly informative thread on the Asian Beauty Reddit, we just had to share our discoveries with you! Below, women reveal their weirdest beauty secrets. Who knows, they might just become your go-to hacks, too! Check them out:

1. “I noticed a few years ago that when I cried, it made my skin... better. So when I would cry, I would actually rub my tears on my pimples and it actually worked in reducing size. Really weird, I know.” – amfiguous

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2. “I fill in my hairline with a black eyeshadow. This is more on the ‘Wait what?’ side of things, since I'm young and my hairline is not receding. I would never tell a soul that I did this. And I do it because I'm such a perfectionist to the point that even my hairline doesn't look 'straight' enough.

BUT I figured out that this hack actually enhances my bone structure. Specifically when I darken around my sideburn area because it makes my jawline look sharper without having to contour.” – kairluna

3. “I have oily skin so I always use corn flour to set my foundation. I first saw this trick on makeupalley when I was looking up the use of corn flour as a dry shampoo. I find that it can be a bit ghosting, so I just mix a little of a mineral foundation that's too dark for me in with it, and it works much better than any other setting powder I've ever used.” – IrmaGehrd


4. “Most nights, I sleep with a piece of thin surgical tape between my eyebrows, which smooths out the vertical wrinkles there. Sometimes I put strips of it under my eyes, too (there is a line on the bottom edge of my right eye socket, where my skin apparently folds whenever I sleep on that side, enough to form a permanent wrinkle - the tape holds that at bay).” marimo_is_chilling

5. “I spray/soak my hair in rice water. Oil masks are heavy so I soak my hair in rice water mixed with rosewater. The starch makes it ‘thicken.’ My grandma told me to do that to combat gray hairs. I don't have any yet but it does make my hair shiny.” – YakCat

6. “I've precut a ton of under-eye sheet mask patch-shaped things from paper towels to soak in leftover morning coffee. I'll let those sit while using a facial roller to wake up my eyes and depuff my morning puff face. It's an extra five minutes to an already long AM routine, so I do this only on special occasions/after a night of partying/salty food binges, but the end results are #wokeuplikethis worthy.” sheetmasker


7. “I noticed my skin always looked great after sex.The redness calmed and suffused my cheeks, and my skin looked clearer and more even. IDK how to recreate that, short of becoming a nymphomaniac.” hardy_and_free

8. “I have dark hair and hate dry shampoo, so I use the plasticky (non-powdery) oil blotting papers on my roots if they look a little too greasy for my liking. Otherwise, I use clean hands to gently massage my roots and comb my hair; it spreads and distributes the oils to the ends (and the ends can never have enough protection).” – NewBeautyGeekster

9. “I shave my legs/armpits/crotch once, then turn the shower full-blown cold and shave again. The goosebumps raise that extra little bit of hair up, and I can have smooth legs for at least two to three times longer than just shaving normally.” – Brickthedummydog


10. “Drink turmeric mix with ginger powder to reduce acne inflammation. It works but it is horrible that I can't drink it for more than three days.” – YueRain

11. “Not for the faint-hearted. I've burnt a mole from my own face before, and it left zero scarring. It’s a cherry angioma (red mole from broken blood capillaries), and I refused to go to a dermatologist due to cost and laziness. All I had to do was to point the end of a paper clip and leave it roasting in the flame for a few seconds, and press it against the red mole. I saw it on YouTube, and it gave me the confidence to try it… 10/10 will do it again, and it left me with a more symmetrical face.” – onebigbread

This originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

Minor edits have been made by the FemaleNetwork.com editors

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