We are loving absolutely everything about Catriona Gray's Miss Universe preliminary competition performance! I mean, look at Cat. Just look at her:

One part of the event in particular sent fans over the edge: Cat's walk during the swimsuit competition, where she appeared to go on auto slow-mo during her twirl:


Social media went crazy, particularly on Twitter. Here, we've compiled the most hilarious and relatable tweets about Cat at the Miss Universe prelims:

A friendly reminder: Do not try that walk at home or anywhere else!

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Post-production who? Cat doesn't need it!

OMG, same.

We're claiming it! Catriona deserves that crown.

LOL at "my scalp is shaking."

We're loving this wordplay!

Yup, Catriona is truly blessed.

Shet, indeed.

Harsh, bro. Harsh.


This tweet that focused on a different kind of belt. *Cries*

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As if her signature "lava walk" wasn't enough:

You love Catriona even more now. Admit it.

And of course, Pinoys being Pinoys, this video turned into hilarious memes, like this one:

And this one. Soooo accurate:

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This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

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