Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano are known to be passionate about the work they do. And even now with their little bundle of joy, Seve, they continue to set a good example on how to balance work and life by always making sure to carve out time for family while still diligently pursuing their respective careers. 


The couple recently joined the PLDT Home family as ambassadors for its Do it Better campaign, which champions the message of maximizing the opportunities for earning, learning, and thriving at home through a fast and reliable internet connection.

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Toni and Direk Paul who got married in 2015 (who could forget their beautiful wedding reel and vows that had most of us swooning!) celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary last June. And there were some money lessons they’ve learned along the way that they wanted to share with other couples too. 

Money Tips for Couples from Toni and Direk Paul

Earn, keep, and grow

Toni summed up her takeaways about money in her years of marriage with Direk Paul in three lessons, “How to earn it, how to keep it, and how to grow it.” She strongly encourages having a healthy approach to these three things when handling your finances as a couple. "Yun ang meron kami ni Paul."


Spend less than what you earn

For Direk Paul, it’s all about living within your means. "You know what you earn in a month, right? Just spend less than what you earn." Like most of us, he’s had his fair share of struggling with following this advice in the past. But in recent years, he has managed to stick to it.

Direk Paul shares, “It’s simple but if you can find a way to make it work, I think it would help you financially, and you’ll be able to save.”

Be mindful of your spending

Lastly, the couple believes in mindful spending—making sure an item is a need, not just a want, before buying it. According to Direk Paul, “I mean that’s a challenge, it’s easier to say. When I see something that I wanna buy, I ask myself, ‘do I need it, really?’” 


Toni echoed the thoughts of her husband and suggested that we do the following when we find ourselves in a similar situation. “Ask yourself the question. Do you really need it at this time?”

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