Child stars don’t always weather the passage of time well, but Chesca Garcia-Kramer has done a spectacular job of staying well within reach of her fans while still living what Team Kramer's Twitter and Instagram followers would probably call the life. Here, the newest endorser for topical scar treatment Contractubex shares what life with her husband Doug and kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin is really like.


Female Network (FN): How different is it raising Gavin, an only boy, compared with raising Kendra and Scarlett?

Cheska (C): With the girls, we can dress them up more. That would have to be the only difference because how O.C. (obsessive-compulsive) I am with my two girls is the same way I am with my only boy, so even with this dressing up, with the three of them, I prepare their clothes… Every day, I prepare Kendra’s clothes for school. Even here, going to the event, I was the one who chose all of their clothes from their top to their shoes, how they look, their extra clothes after this—everything.

FN: So Kendra hasn’t started choosing her own clothes yet…

C: She does, but sometimes, I have to control her (laughs).

FN: How do you bond with your children?

C: I read them books, they sleep with us, I give them a bath, I bathe them, I prepare their food… what else… I tell them stories, we go shopping together… a lot of things.

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FN: Whom do you often go to for advice when it comes to raising your kids?

C: I talk to my husband a lot. He’s really my comfort eh. I have three kids, they’re all young, especially Gavin who’s still a baby… I feel guilty sometimes… Did I spend enough time with Gavin or did I spend enough time with Scarlett or with Kendra and I always ask my husband, you know, for advice on key things so that you can also, how do you say this, also tend to not worry so much.

FN: How do you juggle your time with your husband, kids, career, and friends?

C: It’s really knowing my priority and my priority is really my family, so that’s my children and my husband—both pantay, so I make sure like with work, I tell them, okay I can work, but I ask them can I bring my kids, like today I brought my kids or if I can’t bring them, what time will I be finished. If I finish late, I make sure the next day I don’t have work, you know, so that I can spend time with them.

(Photo courtesy of Havas Agatep)

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