It's no secret that mother and daughter, Sunshine and Angelina Cruz are super close. In an online event with Silka, where they were revealed to be the local beauty brand's newest ambassadors, they gave Cosmopolitan Philippines a short glimpse of their relationship. They shared wonderful advice that we could apply to our lives, especially when it comes to self-love. Check out our quick chat below:


We asked Angelina to talk about her special relationship and favorite moments with her mom and sisters, Samantha and Francheska:

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"I feel like the type of close family we are isn't very common. We're super open with each other. We'd openly share mga kwento. We make kwentuhan with each other, my sisters, my mom, and we would always make time for family bonding: Watching movies and having dinner together and then we'd always bond in the living room. I'd guess that's what makes us close is that we're very open with each other and we like to goof around together," said the 19-year-old young actress.


It was also very evident that Sunshine gives her young daughters the best life and love advice. We asked Sunshine what she wishes she knew when she was the same age as Angelina, and she said: "I did a lot of things I regret, sa totoo lang. Ayoko nang sabihin kung ano 'yon, but I did a lot of things sa career ko, not personal naman. I did a lot of things sa career ko which I regret because hindi natin naiisip yung consequences [back then]. Hindi natin alam yung mangyayari sa future. But you know, whatever mistakes or whatever bad decisions I did in the past when I was 19, ginagawa ko na lang talaga ngayon is of course, to show the whole world that I am a better person.  And that's what I tell naman my children. Syempre mayroon tayong mga mistakes na gagawin sa buhay and dahil doon we will grow and we will be stronger persons."


She added, "Whatever it is na nagawa ninyo, it doesn't define you naman kung ano man yung nagawa ninyo sa past. And what you should do is show the whole world that you are better and you're always trying to be a better version of yourself. And that's what I do."

Sunshine has gone through a lot and has a lot of wisdom to share with her daughters, so we asked Angelina what's the most unforgettable lesson she learned from her mom and her response deserves applause.

Angelina: "I am not powerless. we can take over our lives. Women can choose and create their own destinies."

Louder for people at the back, please! This is an empowering message that everyone needs to know, especially that we're still dealing with toxic masculinity and misogyny. Women can create their own paths and destinies. Not what society dictates, but what they *really* want.


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