1PEP.ph picked the buzz that Bossanova girl Sitti Navarro's non-showbiz boyfriend Joey Ramirez popped the question and she said yes!

She posted her engagement rock on Instagram with a background that says the word, "love." She even included their official hashtag, #joeyandsittiforever.

Her caption goes, "Little red box hiding under cover What have you for me Speak your truth to me Little red box sneaking in the corner Fancy me a peek at the promise inside? Sweet little girl with the once broken heart You were made precious by His love Ruby red prayers whispered then, answered Fancy me a peek at your soul inside? The hand that holds the little red box Is the hand you will hold forever Entwined, enshrined, body and soul alive You are his forever He is your forever Little red box opened, begotten A sunrise of colors tumble through Words aren't needed when silent tears glisten The glorious ordinary, nothing fancy, all true - I cannot wait to love you even more than I already do. #joeyandsittiforever So happy... I cannot even begin to describe how I feel. Aaaaah!!!! I'm engaged!!!! "

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She followed up this post with a photo of them being sweet together.

She even shared her special message for her fiancé, "If there was ever a word i would use to describe our relationship, it would be that it is "good". Ever since i met you, i'd wake up to songs in my heart.. Ever since God gave you to me, i became more open to His goodness. You brought it all along with you with the rains that mark those first dates. My smile became wider. I didn't know my eyes lacked spark until you caused it. I love how we pray together, i love how much fun we have together singing in your car, not minding if sintunado or what, even messing up the songs! I love how we both suck at song lyrics, hehehe. I love how steady you are, how brilliant, and easy to talk to. I never knew relationships could be this easy.. I love how i fell for you on our second date. I love all the psoriasis scars you have on your body; they tell of a life well-lived at such a young age. I love how you proposed, not even finishing the sentence haha hanggang "Will you..." lang. I love how God sent you to me after i wrote him a letter asking for you.. I love how He made you. You are everything i asked for in that letter, and so much more. I love all the things i'll still get to know about you. And yes i already love your smelly feet hehehe! I love how my family loves you, and i love and am grateful for how embracing"

(Photos courtesy of Sitti Navarro's Instagram account)

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