Just like everyone else, actress-beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach also had to deal with feelings of uncertainty, especially in her 30s. 

On her latest podcast dubbed "Between Us Queens" with fellow pageant queens Bianca Guidotti and Carla Lizardo, the 31-year-old opened up about going through a quarter-life crisis. 


"You know, honestly, I think I'm still going through it," she tells Female Network and other members of the press during celebrity shoutout platform ACE's online event. "I am in that transitioning period where I'm like, 'Okay, I want to try something new. I kind of know what it is but I'm not sure if I'm going to do as well as I did at Miss Universe like in business.'" 

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She adds, "I realized that a lot of people who are my ageespecially now [that] we're in the middle of a pandemicwe're all going through this thing na, 'Am I going to continue what I did before? Should I try something new now? Am I even on the right path? Is this really making me happy?' 

"All of these questions are real, and even like for me, they're still real. I still go through these questions in my head." 

When faced with feelings of uncertainty, the first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge your feelings, says Pia. "One of the [things I did was to accept] that I am unsure of myself sometimes," she shares. "Kasi 'pag beauty queen ka, expected, eh, like you know everything right away. You have the answer to all the questions. You're perfect all the time. You can't go wrongand that's not real. [It's okay to] admit that 'hindi ako sure.'" 


"[Trust] the process of getting there... and [know] that you will make mistakes," the actress-beauty queen advises. 

"In this day and age, with social media, we want everything to be really quick. Dapat by next year or by next month, successful na 'ko. Hindi ako pwede magkamali. People online look like they got their lives together and it's all perfect but... take your time. That's my advice. 

"You know, being in your 30s might feel like 'Nako, nauubusan na ko ng oras' but come on, it's 2021 already. We have all the time. Don't rush." 

Lately, Pia has been enjoying a slower pace of life.


"Once [the pandemic] is over, and it's safer, I want to be able to travel more," she shares. "Before I settle down and have a family, 'yun yung goal ko, I want to see the world.

"Ever since I won Miss Universe, I've just been working every day. I didn't know what a weekend was. There was a time [when] I spent more time sleeping in my car than in my bed kasi I've been jumping from one shoot to another. This was the time when I was doing TV commercials. Sinabay ko pa 'yung movie, sinabay ko pa 'yung travel show. Sabay-sabay lahat. Kasi I was like, I associated success with work. Para sa 'kin hindi ako successful na tao or masayang tao, kung hindi ako nagtratrabaho so binaon ko 'yung sarili ko sa trabaho. 

"What happened was... I missed birthdays. I missed milestones. I missed weddings. I missed real-life experiences because I would choose work over that and then that's something I realized during the pandemic na, 'My gosh, years went by and I missed a lot. So I said, 'I paid my dues and now, it's time to enjoy.'" 


Are you a big fan of Pia Wurtzbach? You can request for birthday greetings from Miss Universe 2015 herself via celebrity shoutout platform, ACE. All the proceeds from her videos go to WWF Philippines. Log in to www.ace.video for more details. 

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