There’s really no logical reason for us humans to crush on the supernatural creatures we see on our TV and movie screens. Take, for example, everyone’s favorite sparkly vampire, Edward Cullen: if we meet a real-life vamp in a deserted parking lot at an ungodly hour, we’d totally run in the opposite direction. It’s a different story onscreen, though, where, instead of terrified screams, you’ll get desperate swooning. Throw in a pair of soulful eyes, a chiseled jaw, and an utterly lickable, muscular body, and you’ll get why mortal ladies are so willing to look past these guys’ extra-pointy canines, as these 10 hot scenes from our favorite supernatural TV and movies will demonstrate. Check them out below. (Warning: slightly Not Suitable For Work!)

Edward fangirls may have rejoiced when said vamp took off his shirt to reveal his toned, glittering chest, but his sparkly, pale abs just can’t hold a candle to the sheer hotness of the werewolves. While much has been said about Jacob Black’s remarkable physique, we shouldn’t forget about his other wolf friends who can totally give him a run for his money in the abs department.

(Screencap from The Twilight Saga: New Moon courtesy of Cinestar)

Stefan and Damon Salvatore, the non-sparkly, non-vegetarian vamps in The Vampire Diaries, both reek of sex appeal, but between the two, it’s the more intense, more dangerous Damon that wins the hotness battle. Case in point: this scene, which features a sudsy, naked Damon straight out of a bathtub. Yep, we knowyou’re welcome.

True Blood’s brimming with shirtless and nude scenes, but the season finale of its sixth season, with Eric Northman sunbathing naked in a snowy mountain, totally takes the cake. See him go out with a bang below (just make sure to not watch this at work!)

Scott McCall, the main hero in Teen Wolf, may be cute and all, but it’s Jackson Whittemore who’s really calling all the shots in the hotness department. While Colton Haynes, the actor who played Jackson, may have been long gone from the series, we’re pretty sure we’ll never be able to forget the plethora of shirtless scenes he did during his brief stay on the show.

(Screencap from Teen Wolf courtesy of MGM Television/Music Television)

Before Edward, Damon, and Stefan, there was Angel, the first vamp who became the stuff girls’ fantasies are made of. He was such a heartthrob that becoming a mainstay on three seasons of Buffy just wasn’t enough—he had to have his own self-titled TV show. And with steamy scenes like these, we’re totally not complaining.

The words “zombie” and “hunk” don’t really mix, but for some reason, it really, really makes sense in Warm Bodies. R’s brief shower scene in this zombie flick may be quite tame when compared to the others in this list, but it was still capable of making our ovaries explode.

Cole Turner’s the kind of bad boy we just can’t resist. He’s a demon—which literally makes him a “bad boy”—who just wants to be with his love, Phoebe Halliwell, one of the most powerful witches (and demon slayers) of all time. Also, have you seen his chest? We can’t think of any other demon who can make chest hair look that good.

(Screencap from Charmed courtesy of The WB Television Network)

Spike can totally give Edward Cullen a run for his money. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes, the sexiest pout, and the most gorgeous cheekbones you’ve ever seen on a man’s face. And while he may not be the tallest or the most muscle-bound of Buffy’s many lovers (we’re looking at you, Angel), he’s still perfectly toned and, for lack of a better description, drool-worthy. This behind-the-scenes peek at his infamous carpet sex scene with Buffy? Priceless.

A vampire-werewolf shouldn’t make sense as the two creatures are known mortal enemies. However, this strange combination totally makes sense with Underworld’s Michael Corvin. While Michael’s hybrid form isn’t exactly lust-worthy, his human appearance is a different matter, and this steamy love scene illustrates this perfectly.

Jace isn’t just one of the best Shadowhunters in The Mortal Instruments universe—he’s also one of the hottest. Tall, blonde, and muscular, with tanned skin and a penchant for biker clothes, he’s just the kind of bad boy we ladies dream of taming. This scene where he’s shirtless, carving runes into his arm, just makes us want him all the more.

(Screencap from The Mortal Instruments courtesy of
Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions [SPWA])

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