1A woman naturally has curves, so why fight nature, and aim to be reed thin? That's the same belief Madonna's personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer has. The former pro-dancer met the Queen of Pop during her Sticky and Sweet tour, and since then, Nicole has been responsible for Madonna's lean and mean physicque. Other celebrities under her belt are actress Rachel Weisz and designer Stella McCartney. Currently she is the Creative Director of Madonna's fitness center Hard Candy where she teaches dance-incorporated workouts with body-toning moves.

and Women’s Health Philippines tapped Nicole to lead a workout class dubbed “Be Fit for Love” for former Women’s Health cover girls and Cosmo girls at One Life Studio in Makati. Nicole aims to teach women to love their body not for their partners, but for themselves, too.

“The body is a physical representation of your mental and emotional well-being,” she says. She also explains that a woman’s body requires curves, so emphasizing on creating a svelte v-shaped body (focusing on the shoulders, hips, and butt) is her expertise.

You will discover muscles you never knew you had, move to an eclectic playlist, and free your mind, body, and spirit through movement, she further explains. Being half-Filipina and half-German, her homecoming made her extra excited to share her sexifying moves with the group, and well, we have to admit that we've never been in higher spirits after a burning session.

Our verdict:
Nicole’s workout is far from boring. In fact, you'll feel like you're just having a rad girl’s night out—only you’re in cute sportswear, sweating buckets, and sporting a fancy glow after. The Be Fit for Love workout focuses on sensuality and 360-degree body strengthening and toning. In a span of 60 minutes, you can torch the fat all over the body, tone your booty, tighten your abs, slim your arms, improve your body’s flexibility, and dance to your heart’s content! We actually felt like working out with queen of pop Madonna with each move.

Post-workout, we got to enjoy the Love Salad from Juju Eats, a famous resto that caters to health nuts that want food to support a healthy lifestyle. All we can say is that the whole session gave us a good burn, and that we are looking forward to do more of it, no kidding! Thanks, Nicole! We hope you’ll bring in more Madonna-inspired classes here.

Launch our gallery to see the celebs that joined her workout!

(Main photo courtesy of Nicole Winhoffer, event images by Mike Dee)

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