Maggie Wilson spoke up about the news of the arrest of her estranged husband Victor Consunji’s publicist named Lana Faith Johnson, albeit in a subtle way. In a report published by Bilyonaryo, it was stated that the latter was caught in an entrapment operation after issuing a fake receipt to a client.


Despite not naming names, it was inferred that Maggie’s recent post is allegedly about the suspect.

“Surprise, surprise, another one reveals its true colors,” the beauty queen wrote in a lengthy post. “I’ve warned you about her for years. I tried to protect you, but instead, you chose to believe her over me. I always had your back and best interests.”

She went on, “A woman’s intuition is always right. She used me to divert the attention. I thought you’d be smart enough to see through it. She manipulated you, made you so preoccupied with trying to discredit and attack me so that she could continue stealing from you, from us. It probably felt nice that she was kissing your feet, but she was also kissing your wallet, just like all of them.

“I may never know why you trusted all of them more than me. It’s sad that it has come to this, but I’m glad that you finally caught her red-handed. How much more has to happen for you too see the damage that’s being done to you. I’m hoping you’ll wake up now before it’s too late because she’s not the only one who has you wrapped around their fingers. You’re mad at me because you know it’s the truth. Everything I’ve told you is coming home to roost.”

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In the comments section, actress Denise Laurel echoed Maggie’s sentiments, claiming that she got victimized by the same person. “She pretended and told people she was my publicist. But she wasn’t. I attended some events for her to help her out but never made a cent and got stuck in sticky situations where I had to take care of myself in a whole different country ‘cause of her a few years back. It was very, very stressful and people couldn’t understand why I was stressed. It was embarrassing.”


To Denise, Maggie replied, “How awful. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

Neither Vic nor the suspect has yet to issue a statement about the issue.

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