Slater Young and Kryz Uy finally moved in the #SkyPod (short for Slater and Kryz Young's Pod), nine months after its construction.

Though it’s 'not yet 100 percent' as according to Slater, the young couple is happy with the results so far.

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"Getting my much deserved rest. This project has been one of the most stressful things I have ever done. Not only because we were trying to do something different and architecturally challenging, but also because we planned on finishing it as fast as possible. (We planned on completing it in seven months, but we moved in in nine months)," Slater shared in one of his Instagram posts.

"Still not 100 percent complete but happy to call this place home."


On the other hand, Kryz also has nothing but excitement for their almost-complete love nest.

"Slept at the #SkyPod for the first time last night. It’s a work in progress but it feels so much like home," the blogger said. "Thanks for all your hard work love, Slater!"


We first got a glimpse of the #SkyPod July last year on Kryz’ account.


A month after, Slater shared a hilarious video of Kryz during one of their construction visits (Swipe right on the picture below to see it!).



Meanwhile, Kryz poke fun at Slater’s tan because of his frequent visits to their future house. He’s that hands-on!

"Slater’s developed a massive farmers tan from spending so much time at the site of our future home! He’s really taken charge to make sure we can move in on time," Kryz shared.

She added: "Today we decided to visit and take photos before any walls came up! It would be nice to see a before and after, and show our kids one day! Excited to hang this photo inside our house in a few months!"


According to Slater, the whole concept of the house is indoor-outdoor living. In a video tour of the #SkyPod that the couple published December 2018, he said that he wanted people to "Not know which one is outside and which one is inside."


They also posted these adorable couple photos inside their still-under-construction living room that month, and captioned it as "Rehearsing for next year’s Christmas in the #SkyPod."



And finally, on May 13, the couple had their house blessing.


Check out all the other details of their abode below: 


The house was designed by Cebu-based architectural firm LLG Architects. The house has its own driveway, front yard, backyard, two floors with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, gym, and a spacious lap pool with Jacuzzi. 

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