The personality of Kristian Nairn, the actor who played “Hodor” in the series “Game of Thrones,” is far from his gentle counterpart. Smart, witty, sharp, and downright honest, he sat on the Iron Throne to be with his fans during ToyCon 2016 (powered by PLDT Home Fibr), laughing as he wiped his sweaty forehead and mumbled that the Philippines was “too hot”.

“I’m from Ireland, and I basically live in a cold swamp,” he explained.

Fresh from the latest season of the HBO hit, Kristian was still swimming in fans' reactions of what happened to his character, saying that he liked the way Hodor died, and that he’d rather not have him resurrected despite being in the dark with what the writers of the show are up to next. “I can honestly say – categorically – that I know as much as you,” he chuckled when asked about it. “I know nothing, like Jon Snow. So I think that he’s dead. I imagine that he’s not gonna come back from that. But who knows? It’s Game of Thrones. Anything can happen.”

His last day on set was a memorable one. “Isaac [Hempstead Wright] who plays ‘Bran’ – he was the one who said ‘Cut. You’re finished.’ He gave me a big hug,” he shared about his real-life friend. “It was really sad. I think it was my birthday around that [time] as well. I died on my 40th birthday. They made me a cake of Hodor on an Iron Throne, which obviously is never going to happen now. They made me a cake, cupcakes, cards… Everyone was nice. Everyone was really sweet. I didn’t cry, but it was pretty sad.”

However, if there was one thing that he wouldn’t miss, it was the costume.

“I hope it got burnt,” Kristian laughed. True to his character’s situation, the outfit was never washed or replaced, making it very uncomfortable for him to wear every shoot. “When I was taken out of that horrible, smelly outfit for the last time, I was like ‘Hm, yeah. I’m not gonna miss this at all.’”

He might not miss getting into costume, but he would definitely missing his co-stars. “It’s a really big, weird family. Some of us don’t see each other for years because we film in different parts of the world. Especially our group – we were so for away from everybody else in the North.”

He went on about his two favorite people on set. “We very rarely get to see anybody else, but Kit is a great guy. I remember I got asked so many times about Jon Snow… I was so bored of that question. One day I snapped. Somebody asked ‘Is Jon Snow alive?’ and I said ‘I don’t care!’ and then on the papers the next day it was ‘Kristian Nairn Hates Kit Harrington’ and I was like ‘I didn’t say that!’ I like Kit. Kit’s amazing. He’s a really nice guy.”

For years on Game of Thrones, Kristian had to carry the growing Isaac on his back. Watching the boy mature into a young man caused the burly actor to have a soft spot for him. “Isaac is… a great kid. He’s 18 years old now… Yeah, he’s like my little brother. I get angry with him… he’s really annoying sometimes on purpose. I miss him a lot. We’re always in touch. We text each other every week, every day.”

Aside from being an actor, Kristian is also an accomplished DJ. He admitted that he enjoyed wearing both hats, and he couldn't pick one over the other. Although his big Game of Thrones break changed his life, his career won’t end after Hodor’s dramatic exit.

“There’s a TV show coming up and there’s two movies towards the end of the year,” he said. “I’ve got music releases coming up and a huge DJ tour literally everywhere… It’s never gonna end, which is amazing.”

And as if to prove that there’s definitely more to him than saying “Hodor”, the talented Kristian Nairn capped off his Philippine visit with the ultimate rave party.


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