mariel_rodriguez.jpgActress and TV host Mariel Rodriguez's recent guest spot in The Buzz was spent trying to dispel rumors of her supposed rift with  with fellow Kapamilya stars Luis Manzano, KC Concepcion, Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, and Toni Gonzaga. reports that a week later, the same show aired the stars’ reactions to Mariel’s statements, most of them negative.

The rumors surrounding Mariel are ugly. One story talks of her apparently telling new husband Robin Padilla about Luis almost kissing her in a show. Another says Mariel has been spreading less-than-pleasant statements against KC and Toni. Although Mariel said she had no problems with any of them and none of the rumors were true, the stars’ statements provided a different perspective on the issues.

With accusations coming in left and right, even the personalities involved are starting to get confused. KC Concepcion has said that she's finding who to believe a bit difficult: "She's (Mariel) been denying it. And I know if I confront her, she'll be denying it nang harap-harapan. Pero kasi hindi kasi maiiwasan yung doubt na bakit ang daming hindi magkakakilala na nagsasabi sa akin na may sinabi siya sa akin na iba-iba. Yun lang. But I'm not saying na kinu-confirm ko na siya [ang nagsabi nun]."

Meanwhile, Toni Gonzaga had this to say, “Okay yung confrontation, e, okay yung diretsahan, e. Pero ang hirap at hindi ka mananalo kapag ang kausap mo ay hindi na nagsasabi ng totoo. You will lose in an argument pag ang kalaban mo ay hindi na nagiging totoo sa iyo," she is quoted as saying. “This will serve as a lesson not just for me but for everyone watching. Bakit nangyayari lahat at the same time? Bakit sunud-sunod? Because what you sow is what you reap. Yun ang sana baunin nating lahat na kung ano yung tinanim mo kasi, magbubunga 'yan, e."

In Mariel’s interview with The Buzz, she expressed her distress over all the rumors. Even Anne Curtis’s name was mentioned for allegedly relaying Mariel’s negative comments about Toni to the host. "Let's not drag Anne into this,” Mariel said on “How come everyone [is being involved]? That's my question, why everyone? I don't understand."

In a complicated situation such as this one where a lot of people are involved and the truth starts getting hazy, it is hard to make a judgment call. Are Mariel’s friends ganging up on her or is there more to the rumors? Only those directly involved can answer that. Unfortunately, situations like these aren't limited to the glitzy world of show business. It happens in real life, and anyone can be a victim of this kind of attack. Do you feel like your friends are putting you in a bind for no reason? Could you be a victim of adult bullying? Here are some tips on how to act when you feel like your friends are ganging up on you.



Having people tell hurtful stories about you is painful, but letting yourself get ruled by emotions might cause you to act impulsively. It's perfectly normal to be upset or angry, but only when you've calmed down can you think clearly. These are your friends, and ending relationships with them because you said something in anger is not a good thing. Tears and screaming won't make them feel sorry for you because chances are, they're just as confused and hurt as you are.



Small misunderstandings become big arguments because of hearsay. It would be smart to be a bit more selective about who you listen to, and even then, don't believe everything you hear. Also, steer clear of dedma. If you’re not sure what’s going on, you can’t solve it by ignoring your friends completely. It'll take courage to do it, but get the truth straight from the source and if the accusations are baseless, sit down and talk to your friends right there. Be honest and encourage them to do the same. That way, you can clarify any misinterpretations or defend yourself properly should you realize things have been blown way out of proportion.


Talk to someone you trust—but completely uninvolved in the drama—about what's going on and ask for their unbiased opinion. Someone who has no emotional investment in the situation will give more objective advice. She or he can tell you if there's a detail you've missed or ignored, and you could stand to see how the situation looks from an outsider’s perspective.


Sit down, take a deep breath and think about this: is it really them or could the problem lie with you? Before you start pointing fingers, think about what role you may have played in all of this. If, upon reflection, you realize that you were at fault, don’t wait until it’s too late to repair broken ties. Admitting your mistake and asking for forgiveness are signs of maturity and strength. Show your friends how much you care about them and be the bigger person. Your friends will appreciate your humility and you will, in turn, have learned a valuable lesson.


An argument needs two sides to get it going. In the end, both you and your friends are at fault if each side continues to fan the flames of disagreement. Talk to each other honestly and openly, take as long as you want and try to fix what is still fixable. If you decide that your friendship is worth saving, remember not to take your friends’ mistakes against them and vice versa. Learn from the experience and don’t hold grudges. Welcome each other back with open arms. Your friendship will only grow stronger from here.

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