KC Concepcion is now on track to achieve her #BestBodyEver.

In an Instagram post she put out on Monday, July 17, the eldest of Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed that her weight loss journey has started.

Her goal is to trim down about two years worth of weight gain.


KC wrote, "I'm on a journey to getting my #BestBodyEver as naturally as possible!!!

"It's been two years since getting the dreaded dengue virus AND pneumonia too, just four months apart—as you can imagine, my body went completely haywire!

"My grandma passed away during this time as well so I went through severe cortisol deficiency/chronic fatigue.

"I began gaining weight rapidly at a pace I couldn't even keep track of.

"I'm super sensitive to chemicals, supplements, and sugar so it's generally harder for me to get 'help' for weight loss.

"That means, I have to work extra hard to get back on track."

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And so she started changing her lifestyle, documenting it with the hashtag "The KC Fitness Diary."

She continued, "I'm focusing on that healthy #LifestyleChange with eating, exercise, resting, stress management, and being GOOD to your mind and body every single day!!!

"Each body is different. Get to know yourself and understand what your body went through FIRST, and helping it the right way will follow.


"#LiveHappy. NO EXCUSES!!! #TheKCFitnessDiary xoxo"

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For her fitness routine, she has been attending G-Force's White Shirt Love dance classes under the dance group's founder, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, since June.

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She also does Pilates, a medium intensity workout routine that helps improve your strength and flexibility, and develop well-sculpted muscles.

It is usually done around 45 minutes per session.

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In a separate Instagram post last Sunday, July 16, KC discovered the wonders of "hot yoga" from Yoga+ Express.

It's her "new obsession to complement Pilates."

KC pointed out its difference from Bikram Yoga, which is also done in a heated and humid room.

She wrote, "Today I learned about 'hot yoga'—the infrared light has healing properties and gives you smooth skin, detoxes your body, makes your heart healthy.

"My word for it is GENTLE... So different from bikram yoga which uses a more dry ultraviolet light to heat up the room... but just as much sexy SWEAT!...


"Let's all work on getting our #BestBodyEver. It will be a journey!  #TheKCFitnessDiary"

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