The moment Jessy Mendiola has been waiting for finally arrived. After almost three years, the actress, who’s currently on vacation in Dubai with her husband Luis Manzano, finally reunited with her British-Lebanese father Roger Tawile


“My family,” the actress captioned on Instagram, showcasing snapshots of the memorable moment. Additionally, she also met up with some of her relatives on her dad’s side in between her city strolls with Luis.Jessy Mendiola reunites with dadInstagram/senorita_jessyJessy Mendiola reunites with dadInstagram/senorita_jessyJessy Mendiola reunites with dadInstagram/senorita_jessyJessy Mendiola reunites with dadInstagram/seborita_jessy

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It was 2019 when Jessy last visited her father, who unfortunately missed her wedding with Luis last year because of pandemic restrictions. He made up for it by giving her a heart-to-heart talk in a vlog, where he talked about the pain of missing one of her biggest life milestones. “You getting married. I couldn't be there. It's not regretting. I wish I was with you when you were on that line being a famous actress and everybody's looking up to you. I wish I was just there to hold your hand and make you stronger. I know you are strong. But maybe you will have more trust, whatever a father can give to his daughter, a word of wisdom maybe.”

Despite this, he wholeheartedly supports Jessy’s marriage to Luis, whom he first met way back in 2017. “I asked you so many times before, 'Baby, are you sure? Do you love him?' And you said, 'Yes, I love him and I want to spend my future with him.' For me, that's enough. I just want you to be happy. That's all. So if getting married to Luis makes you happy, Luis it is.”


We’re so happy for you, Jessy!

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