Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca says that he's not involved in Anne Curtis's reported party meltdown on November 23, which involved slapping and screaming at several personalities, including John Lloyd Cruz.

“Honestly, both of them [Anne and John Lloyd] are my friends. Ako, na-bad trip lang ako kasi, 'di ba, it was blown out of proportion, when it came to my part. And at the same time, I don’t wanna say too much kasi everyone is reacting too much about it. In all honesty, nababawan ako, kasi parang... Kung naayos nga nila, e... 'di ba, they fixed it in a matter of hours (In all honesty, I find it shallow, because the parties involved were already able to fix it in a matter of hours, right?)?” Jake was quoted by PEP.ph as saying.


“And I don’t understand why everyone is so affected by it. For in reality, importante naman 'dun, okay lahat ng parties (For in reality, what's important is that the matter was already settled by both parties.). At the same time, I can’t really add 'coz I didn’t see anything. And, you know, if I was there, I would suffer the consequences and I wouldn’t mind. I mean, it was hard for me at first because they’re making me suffer consequences na wala naman talaga akong nakita (I didn’t see anything)... I didn’t see anything,” the actor continued.

“In fact, when Anne apologized to me, I... You know, I even told her, 'I wasn’t even able to say hi to you.' And then people are thinking it’s [Privé] a small place—it’s a big place. And it just so happened na parang... nagkataon na John Lloyd was there, Anne was there, I was there. But it didn’t really mean na magkakabarkada kami, na magkakasama kami 'dun (But it doesn't really mean that we were there together as a group). We all have separate friends.”

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“And even if you ask anyone there, and there were like... really, maybe a hundred people there who might have seen the incident and everything, wala talaga ako 'dun (I wasn’t there.). I wasn’t there, 'di ba?”

The actor adds that he appreciates Anne's apology through SMS, as his name also got dragged into the issue.

“You know, in all fairness to Anne, I really appreciate the text that she sent. Even her friends didn’t see me, so I’m not entitled to say anything. And both [John Lloyd and Anne] are my friends, e, so sorry, ha... I mean, even if I did see anything, I don't know if I will ever say anything, kasi pareho silang kaibigan ko (I mean, even if I did see anything, I don't know if I will ever say anything, they're both my friends.). Anne, I have worked with her so many times. And JL, I look up to him as an actor. So, I’d rather just stay out of it. But in all honesty, wala rin akong masasabi, wala rin akong nakita (But in all honesty, I wouldn't be able to say anything because I wasn't there when it happened.).”


(Photo courtesy of PEP.ph)

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