gh_jac_andi.jpgCritically-acclaimed actress Jaclyn Jose and her daughter, rising star Andi Eigenmann, candidly reveal each other's quirks in Good Housekeeping’s January-February 2011 issue. “Like mother, like daughter,” or so they say. In this case, Jaclyn and Andi share a talent for bringing characters to life through their acting and a passion for living life to the fullest.   

In this issue of Good Housekeeping, the two talk about their similarities and differences, and how these have made them closer. Want to build a strong bond with your daughter too? Read on to take a sneak peek at what Jaclyn and Andi have to say below!  


Although Jaclyn and Andi share the same work ethic as well as a love for the arts, they have varied tastes. “Yung mga personalities namin, similar,” Andi says, “but once you go deeper, you’ll find out that we’re completely different.” Yet this doesn’t stop them from liking and respecting each other. As mommy Jaclyn says, “Pareho kaming artists. Magkaiba kami, pero magkasundo.(We are both artists. We're different but we get along.)”


While holding grudges is a definite no-no, having disagreements with your daughter is perfectly natural. Just because you’re arguing, after all, it doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. Andi laughingly recounts how she and her mom do it. “Halimbawa nga, shopping. Kunnwari gusto ko yung isang damit, sasabihin niya, ‘Ang pangit naman niyan! Ang baduy!’ Ako nga yung naging fashion student, tapos ako yung baduy? (When we'd go shopping, for example. Let's say I like this article of clothing, she'll say, 'That's so ugly! How outdated! I'm the one who was a fashion student and she says I'm outdated?)”


Guiding your daughter as she follows her own bliss is a given; just don’t do overdo it by trying to manage her life for her. Jaclyn doesn’t go to any of Andi’s tapings, instead choosing to give her daughter constructive criticism whenever her show airs. “My mom’s not a stage mother talaga, no matter what other people think,” Andi shares. “May pakialam ang mommy ko, kasi siyempre, love na love ako ng mommy ko. Pero hinahayaan niya akong lumaki at mabuhay sa sarili kong principles. She’s protective pero hindi siya strict. (My mom cares because, of course, she loves me. But she lets me grow and live on my own principles. She's protective but not strict.)”

4.    HANG OUT.

Both mother and daughter love shopping, and they use this as an opportunity for bonding! So find time to hang out with each other; you never know what you’ll discover about one another. As for Andi and Jaclyn, even GH’s cover shoot turned into a fun-filled activity for them; the set rang with their laughter between takes. “This is so cool pala, no? We should do this more often,” Andi said during the interview.  

5.    BE HANDS-ON.

Jaclyn has always been a practical mom, and this helped her strengthen her bond with Andi and younger son Gwen. “I raised them alone. I’m a hands-on mom; I like making things good for them. And I think it was good; I think they grew up well. They grew up with no tattoos,” she shares, laughing.

gh_cover.jpgFor more on Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann, grab a copy of the January-February 2011 issue of Good Housekeeping from bookstores or magazine stands near you. Copies will be available this weekend.

Also in this issue:
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  • Make 2011 Your Year: 60+ Moves to Make This Year Your Best Year Yet
  • "My Husband Cheated! What now?"

(Photo by Doc Marlon Pecjo)
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