Most celebrity couples usually only last for a few years before they break up. Not surprising, as high-profile relationships can be very tricky to handle. However, this apparently isn’t a problem for Iya Villania and Drew Arellano, who have been a couple for a whopping nine years already.

We got to chat with Iya when she was introduced as one of the newest endorsers of Bluewater Day Spa, and she spilled a few juicy details about her relationship to the members of the press who attended the event. Read on for what the talented TV host-actress-singer has to say!

How does Drew take care of her?
“The thing is, with Drew, he cooks. So when I’m at his place, talagang inaaalagaan niya ako (he really takes care of me), whether I’m sick or not.”

However, she maintains that Drew doesn’t spoil her. “No, I’m actually not spoiled, and it’s good, though all girls like to be spoiled, it also teaches me to become independent because I know that in the future, para sa sarili ko rin 'yun (because this is also for me), because he won’t always be here, so I like that.”

What's the sweetest thing that Drew has ever done for her?
Sobrang mababaw kasi ako eh (I’m very shallow.). Even with the little things he does, like leaving me little messages, or his little notes when he gives me roses, 'dun ako sobrang kinikilig (I really feel his love through these.),” she shared.

The big question: Has Drew proposed to her already?
Wala pa nga eh (Not yet!)!” she said, laughing. But Iya did not hesitate to agree when asked if she will say ‘yes’ if Drew proposes to her.

What did she see in Drew that made her realize that he is “the one” for her?
“It’s not about what I can see in him… but it’s also how he makes things work,” she said. “He’s understanding, he allows me to grow, he’s family-oriented, he’s willing to learn. [Our relationship] was not perfect to begin with, and the status that we’ve reached now is something that we established, something that we grew into. It was a progression. There are things that we learned in the past, things that we learned to adjust with and change.”

Can we expect to hear wedding bells ringing for them in the future?
Syempre may plano! Hindi natin alam [kung kalian], pero papunta na 'dun (Of course we plan on doing that! We don’t know when, but it’s going there!)!” Iya said. She added that they have talked about marriage, but are still in the process of figuring out the logistics since Iya’s family is based in Australia.

Iya also said that they want their marriage to be as private as possible. “Of course, hindi din maiiwasan na being in this industry (we can’t avoid it since we’re in this industry)… I’m sure there will be showbiz people, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become a showbiz wedding.”

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