Insecurities: Every person on the planet has them, some more than others. Even celebrities go through phases of not feeling good enough. Can you imagine how much harder it is to deal with insecurities while the whole world's watching? Ahead are some celebs who've gotten real about how they feel.

Andi Eigenmann

"My appearance hasn't really changed, I'm very much aware of that. I admit to still having insecurities like everyone else. What changed is that I just got tired of hating my body. Now, I have come to accept myself for the way I am. Freckles, scars, stretch marks and all."


Kylie Padilla

"I really didn't want to make this a big deal because, honestly, it isn't, but I wanted to have my say before I go 'lose this baby weight and be society's definition of sexy' again. I recently experienced some body shaming on my last post at the gym and I didn't really get my feelings hurt but I had this thought, 'People know I just gave birth, right?' Still, comments kept coming in about how fat I was. And guess what: Yes, I am fat. I am overweight. Whatever these things people tell me that is supposed to make me feel guilty or bad. Fine, but the thing is I have never felt so confident, so happy, and so in love with my body. Stretch marks and all."

Iza Calzado

"All bodies are beach and bikini or swimsuit ready. I used to be so scared of going to the beach and being seen in a swimsuit because people might laugh at me or stare at me or secretly take my photo. This hindered me from enjoying so many beautiful and memorable experiences. It is a battle I often have to fight in my head but one that I am proud to keep winning with every beach trip. It was only in the last few years that I slowly started coming to terms with my body and not letting what other people say about it stop me from living my best life. We are all worthy of hitting the beach no matter our size or shape. Remember that."

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"I wrote 'Bootylicious' because, at the time, I'd gained some weight and the pressure that people put you under, the pressure to be thin, is unbelievable. I was just 18 and you shouldn't be thinking about that. You should be thinking about building up your character and having fun and the song was just telling everyone just forget what people are saying. You're bootylicious. That's all. It's a celebration of curves and a celebration of women's bodies." [via Marie Claire]


Drew Barrymore

"[I]nsecurity is not an option. It just isn't. I remember when I was a late teenager and I had a boyfriend who cheated on me. I remember feeling so bad about myself and I felt shame. I asked myself why I wasn't good enough and I thought the other girl must've been so great. And then I thought, 'What if I decided to never think this way again?' What if I decided that I'm just what I am and realized that someday I would meet someone and I would be enough for him? What if I didn't try to warp myself into this phantom standard that I didn't even know? Instead of being insecure and jealous and suspicious and wondering if every guy is going to cheat on me again, I decided to say, 'Nope. This will be totally enough for somebody one day.' That was a real script flip and it changed the rest of my life in such a positive way." [via Elle]

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Kim Kardashian

"I have cellulite. So what! I've never claimed to be perfect. It's crazy anyone should assume that just because you're in the spotlight, you're flawless…Sometimes I pig out and I still feel great, and think, 'That was so worth it!' That's how I feel a lot of the time. I think, 'See this little dimple of cellulite here? It was so worth it for that cookies 'n' cream ice cream!' If I was stuck on a diet my whole life, I would be really miserable. I love to eat." [via Cosmopolitan]

Emma Watson

"I've accepted my body shape more as I've got older. I went through a stage of wanting to have that straight-up-and-down model look, but I have curves and hips, and in the end you have to accept yourself as you are. My weight has fluctuated between a size 6 and a 10. When you're growing, your body is still figuring itself out and it takes a while to settle down. I keep telling myself that I'm a human being, an imperfect human being who's not made to look like a doll, and that who I am as a person is more important than whether at that moment I have a nice figure." [via Glamour]

Vanessa Hudgens

"I grew up dancing a lot, so I was self-conscious of what I would call my 'tree trunk legs' because they are very muscular. When you are dancing a lot every day you become very muscular and I did not appreciate that at the time, but now I've learned to love them." [via Shape]


Kate Winslet

"[Remarks on weight was] one of those things I learned quickly to ignore. Once it was different, it hurt me. When I was twenty I pretended it didn't bother me, but I felt very bad, I did. In front of journalists and the public I acted superior, but I was dying inside. Now everything is different. It takes time, but you can learn it…[I]t's true that you need much time to get rid of the fat girl you once were, but—you know—I am sincerely grateful for my buttocks." [via Vanity Fair Italy

Mindy Kaling

"Maybe [it's] because I have professional confidence that comes from my business, but calling me chubby cannot hurt me in the way it does so many, many girls, millions of women…When I was younger, I already went through that. I know it's much harder to do the things I've done than it is to lose weight and be thin. Also, when you've seen Instagram comments like, 'You're so ugly, you should kill yourself,' it's like, I went to college. How could I be offended by someone who talks about what you look like? I wouldn't even deem you a person I'd speak to. I don't know if I’=;d have felt this way when I was 22. But I feel this way at 34." [via The Guardian]

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