Charice_Pempengco_makeup_article.jpgIf there’s something that Charice Pempengco’s recent Botox controversy has taught us, it’s that all women, young and old, will do anything to look their best. As you will recall, Charice underwent non-invasive Botox and thermage procedures from Dr. Vicki Belo last month in preparation for her role on Gleethis video even shows the 18-year-old singing sensation’s appointment at the Belo clinic.

The public reaction to the incident was split—a lot of people couldn’t understand why someone so young had to turn to Botox for a mere television role, while others sympathized with her desire to improve her “naturally round face” by getting some work done.

But here’s the thing: whether or not you supported Charice’s decision to get Botox-ed, there are other ways to slim down a plump face without the needles—especially if you don’t have the funds (or the stomach) for the shots. Here are a four easy makeup tips to thin out a round face—the all-natural way!


A cheek palette with two to three shades of blush will help give your face the depth and dimension that a single-shade blush-on will not. This article says to choose one that has a dark shade for contouring (creating shadows), a medium shade for overall coloring, and a much lighter shade for highlighting (creating points of reflection).

When applying your blush, start with the darkest shade. Brush or dab it on right under your cheekbones to make them more pronounced—this will allow them to cut through the planes of your face and minimize the roundness. The same article cautions, “Don’t apply [this shade] past the outer corner of the eyes,” to avoid the unsightly “stripy” effect.

Follow this up with the medium shade of blush, which should be applied above the darkest shade and then blended with your fingers so that the disparity between the two hues isn’t obvious.

Finally, dab the lightest shade of blush at the top of the cheekbone to create a play on light and shadow that instantly shapes your face and makes it appear slimmer. Remember to blend this last shade into the one right below it so that there is continuity in your skin tone.


You can also contour your cheekbones by using bronzer. Bronzer adds dimension to your face in the same way as blush—except it is less rose-toned and gives the illusion of a light summer tan (always a plus in our book).

This article suggests a bronzer with a brown (rather than gold) undertone—this helps it blend into your natural skin tone seamlessly and avoids an unnaturally metallic look. Simply apply the bronzer under your cheekbone beginning at around mid-eye and sweep upwards until the outer crease of the eye—then blend, blend, blend with your fingertips, as this article reiterates. You’re aiming for the look of a slimmed-down, sun-kissed face—not one that’s glinting with racer stripes.


Put your cheek palette to good use by not just relegating it to blush-on—maximize its potential as a contouring powder, too! Another article shares, “Blush isn’t only for the cheeks”—you can also use it to define your chin and jawline, which will thin out your face. Take the medium shade of blush in your palette and sweep it directly underneath your jawline and chin in several smooth, continuous motions, then blend it in with a clean brush or sponge until it looks like a natural shadow. Not only will this make the rest of your face appear more angular—it’ll also distract from a pesky double chin!


Never underestimate the power of good concealer in a plump face situation! Getting the right amount of coverage for your dark under-eye circles will lessen any puffiness in that area and help slim down an already round face, as this article shares. Dark, puffy eyes make it seem “like you are carrying more weight than you are,” the article reports—and by eliminating them with the right concealer, you give your face the illusion of smooth, slim perfection.

So, how did you feel about Charice getting Botox? Take our poll and let us know!

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