Cecile Ongpauco, the manager and mother of actress Heart Evangelista, has released an official statement explaining why she and her husband, Rey, disapprove of their daughter’s relationship with Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. This came after they held a press conference, in which they asked the politician to leave their daughter alone.

PEP.ph reports that the Ongpaucos focused on the wide gap between Chiz and Heart, emphasizing Heart’s naiveté and Chiz’s allegedly unsavory personality. “Chiz, who is a lawyer, is 44 and previously married. Heart, who has not finished high school, is 28 years old, the youngest child, and previously the baby of her parents,” the statement read.

“She still thinks like a young girl. She is easily swayed by people who prey on her insecurities and lack of confidence,” Cecile had said. “Heart has personality problems, and Chiz, who is also suffering from his own personality problem, is doing his best to confuse her, to the extent of alienating her affections against us.”

The Ongpaucos then enumerated the reasons why they have deemed the senator “unacceptable” for Heart, starting with his annulled marriage to Christine Flores. “Chiz and his wife obtained a civil annulment. Thus, under the rules of the Catholic church to which my family belongs, Chiz is disqualified to remarry, unless he obtains a Church annulment,” their statement said.

They also accused Chiz of “being surrounded by unsavory gossip” and of being a disrespectful alcoholic. “The first time Chiz visited our home, we saw that he was drunk and he smelled of alcohol,” they said. “The second time he went to our family home, he was again drunk, carrying a bottle of red wine. During both visits, he hardly spoke a respectful word. He sat slumped in a chair with his legs spread outward. He has never formally asked for our daughter’s hand, or explained how he will support her and his wife at the same time.”

Chiz was also accused of promising Heart that she will be addressed as his ‘First Lady” by 2016, the year he plans to run for president. “This is pure seduction, because we believe Chiz does not stand any chance to become President or Vice-President, owing to his secret character,” the Ongpaucos said, adding that Heart would readily believe Chiz’s boasts about his law practice and financial backing.

The Ongpaucos likewise claimed that the senator would take advantage of Heart’s “needy personality, saying that Chiz “has virtually moved into the condo unit owned by Heart,” and that he uses the actress’s car whenever he wants to do so. Cecile also mentioned that Chiz is urging Heart to switch to a different talent manager, and that she and her husband are planning to file a case against him.

For his part, the senator had aired his side on his official Facebook page, saying that being well-off does not give the Ongpaucos the license to sully his name.

Pilit kong iniintindi at inuunawa ang mga magulang ni Heart pero hindi na tama ang ginagawa nila sa akin,” he had written. “Tatay din ako, parent din ako, mahal ko din mga anak ko. Pero hindi ako mandadamay, mananakit at maninira ng kapwa sa ngalan ng pagmamahal sa aking anak. At kung mayroon man akong deperensya kung saka-sakali sa mga anak ko, hindi ko ito isasapubliko. Hindi ako magpapa-presscon (I tried to understand Heart’s parents but what they’re doing to me isn’t fair anymore. I’m also a father, I’m also a parent, and I also love my children. But I won’t involve others, I won’t hurt or destroy the reputation of other people because I love my child. And if I’m holding something against my child, I won’t make it public. I won’t call for a presscon.).”

"Tama ang sinabi ng isang kolumnista, mas mayaman ang mga magulang niya kumpara sa akin,” the statement continued. “Tama din marahil ang sinabi ng magulang niya, hindi ko kayang tustusan ‘yung luho, ‘yung buhay na binibigay nila sa kanilang anak. Pero kung ano man ang meron ako, sapat ‘yun para sa akin. Pero kahit gaano karami siguro ang pera nila, hindi naman siguro lisensya ‘yun para maliitin sinuman o yurakan ang katauhan ko (What one columnist said was true, her parents are richer than mine. What her parents said might also be true, that I won’t be able to spoil her or to give her the life they have given their daughter. But I’m content with whatever I have. Still, no matter how much money they have, I don’t think it’s a license for them to belittle anyone or to destroy my name.).”

Chiz also appealed to the public to stop spreading more rumors about their relationship.

Masakit at sana huwag nang sawsawan pa ng ibang tao dahil may mga taong nasasaktan. Sana hindi gamitin ito dahil panahon ng halalan ngayon, pero maging ganun pa man, maski ako na, huwag na lang siya. Paumanhin kung kailangan kong magpaliwanag pero medyo sobra na rin. Sana tama na, sana kung ano man ang gusot na ito maayos at sana hindi na masyadong madami pang madamay at masaktan sa mga nangyayari (It hurts, and I hope that the public will not meddle anymore because there are people getting hurt. I hope this won’t be used because it’s election season, but if so, just attack me, and don’t involve her. I’m sorry if I have to explain, but this is getting too much. I hope this issue gets ironed out and I hope that no more people will be involved or will get hurt because of this.).”

(Photos courtesy of PEP.ph)

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