The day is barely over but there has been A TON of updates about the Barretto saga! To get you right on track, here's what's happened so far: Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine Barretto reunited recently during the wake of their father Miguel Barretto. It's public knowledge that Gretchen has long been estranged from her family (except with Claudine whom she reconciled with this year). Apparently, the seemingly peaceful reunion wasn't so peaceful at all because a fight allegedly occurred during the wake with several members of the Barretto clan being involved. Claudine was even rushed to the hospital after suffering a hand injury.

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Earlier this morning, Claudine shared a cryptic image on Instagram, with the words, "Are you proud of who you have become?" In the caption, she wrote, "I hope not."

Then, at around noon today, Marjorie blasted her sisters, Gretchen and Claudine, for allegedly distorting the truth. On Instagram, she wrote, "Don't be fooled by the statements of my sisters, they are leaving out a very important detail of what really caused pain and tension in the wake." She went on to say that she would be revealing ~the truth~ after her father's funeral: "Please hold your judgement and opinions until he is laid to rest, then WE WILL FOR THE FIRST TIME SPEAK THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH."

And now, Gretchen just posted two videos of the night of the alleged altercation. The first video is taken at an odd angle so you could only see people's figures from the waist down. A bunch of people are seen standing in front of a coffin until a loud thud is heard (it's unclear where it came from). A scuffle occurs and people rush into the middle to see the source of the commotion. It's hard to interpret what the people are saying, but these are the few phrases that stood out amidst the noise:


"'Wag mo akong hawakan!"

"Konting respeto!"

"Susuntikin mo ako?!"

The second video is also taken at an odd angle and seems to be shot prior to the fight. A woman's voice is heard speaking to a man's voice, but you can't understand anything from the audio.

Gretchen also took screenshots of Marjorie's post and wrote in the caption, "Quoting Marjorie Baldivia este Echiverrie. WE WILL FOR THE FIRST TIME SPEAK THE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. IT'S A BITTERSWEET FEELING THAT YOU, truly for the first time speak the Truth, IN OTHER WORDS, I AM GRATEFUL for WE WILL ALL WAIT FOR THAT TIME. Here's a video that was forwarded to me by @marisol0125. MY TRUTH. This video IS NOT FAKE NEWS AS BEING CLAIMED by Marjorie Baldivia Echiverrie. FYI MY MOM SPOKE TO ME & ASSURED EVERYONE THAT SHE WILL TELL ALL REGARDING OUR FAMILY FEUD & THE DAY OF MY DADS BIRTHDAY & Who CAUSED MY FATHERS ATTACK. YOUR THREAT TO SUE ME FOR LIBEL. I PLEAD NO, I'M SCARED. AND AS TO MY BOYFRIEND WHO IS POWERFUL IN A BAD WAY (like you say) YES HE IS POWERFUL (in a good way, Not bad as you claimed. Your boyfriend is also POWERFUL & certainly IN A VERY BAD WAY, Countless corruption cases I was told, NOT TO MENTION, NUMEROUS MOLESTATION CASES, AM I CORRECT? I WAS INFORMED THAT @claubarretto WILL FILE A MOLESTATION CASE AGAINST YOUR POWERFUL BOYFRIEND. (ONLY REQUEST OF @claubarretto IS FOR HIM TO NOT BE IN THE WAKE DUE TO TRAUMA." 


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