Gone are the days when the San Diego Comic Convention (Comic-Con) was only for adults. With several upcoming superhero movies—and female leads at that—it's not unusual to find young girls and boys flocking to the big event. 

Comic-Con just ended over the weekend, and a particularly sweet story emerged from all the costume displays, new trailers, and question-and-answer panels. And who else was in the middle of it but Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, who is also a mom of two. 


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A young girl dressed as Wonder Woman started to cry as she approached the Justice League stars' signing table. Gal immediately took her hand, asked why she was crying and comforted her. "We're friends, so there's no reason to cry anymore, all right? Because we are together," Gal told the young girl. 

Ezra Miller, the actor who plays The Flash in Justice League movie, chimed in when Gadot asked the young lady to wipe her tears and flash a smile. "You're a warrior. That's a warrior," he said to the young girl. "Your ability to cry is what makes you such a warrior. Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready," Miller added. 

The little girl, identified as Ashley, "was so happy to meet [Gal] that she was tearing up," tweeted her mom Christine Keller, who happens to be the author of a children's book, The Adventures of Danica Dreamer. "Gal was so sweet to her. Memories of a lifetime!" she added. 

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Keller also shared the encounter on her book's Facebook page. "Danica Dreamer meets Wonder Woman! These characters matter and can have a huge influence on young people," she wrote. "What a great role model and genuine, nice person," Keller wrote about Gal. "My daughter will always remember this moment for the rest of her life."


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The sweet encounter is proof why it's important to have strong female representation in superhero movies. These movies aren't just big screen adaptations of adult's comic book heroes. These superhero characters inspire our kids to do good, be kind, and be extraordinary in their ways.

The same video posted by Variety also caught a teary-eyed boy who was excited to meet Batman, played by Ben Affleck. After they had taken a photo together, Ben noticed Gal and Ashley's exchange and commented, "That's sweet." It is, isn't?

[h/t: Mashable]

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