Congratulations are in order for Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna, who announced just a week ago that they're finally tying the knot! And naturally, after news of the engagement comes the ultimate question about the wedding: When's the big day?


In an online interview with G3 San Diego last Monday, April 6, the celebrity couple revealed that the wedding will be happening within 2021. When asked if they plan to get married in the quarantine or hold it off until after the pandemic, the couple confirmed, echoing each other, "This year."

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That said, don't expect Ellen to sashay down the aisle wearing a wedding gown just yet. Because according to the 33-year-old actress, the nuptials they have in mind as of the moment won't be a lavish and grand celebration.

For one, Ellen revealed that she grew up thinking she would never get married. "I never planned. I never wanted to get married. Honestly," she shared, noting how her elementary and high school friends have actually been messaging her since the engagement, surprised that she has finally changed her mind about saying yes to marriage.

When asked about their "dream wedding," Derek answered, "We're both on the same page kasi we don't really want that big grand wedding."

Adding to that, Ellen quipped with a laugh, "I told him my dream wedding, I just want to elope."

Further making it clear that she won't be your average proverbial bride clad in a white dress, Ellen candidly dropped a very important detail about what could potentially be her bridal look: "I don't want a big wedding. I don't want to wear a gown. I don't want the, you know, all the fancy whatever," she revealed. "I hate gowns."


And while that may come as a shocker to most of us, the future bride and groom are very chill about it. Rather than zeroing in on the nitty-gritty of the actual wedding, Derek and Ellen find that it's more important to focus on the "meaning of marriage."

"So [Derek and I] actually spoke this morning... I thought about it, 'You know what? The purpose of this is just I want to marry you. I'm not going to marry you because I want to wear a gown or I want people to look at me like I'm the most beautiful bride in the world'—that's not the point," explained the actress. "So yeah, just expect a very simple wedding."

Well, whether she opts for a short dress or a structured suit for her wedding, we all know that she'd still make a beautiful bride regardless! Congratulations again, Ellen and Derek! We can't wait for the big day.


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