Fil-Mexican Jessica Sanchez got the lowest number of votes on American Idol on April 13 and would have been eliminated if not for the judges' save, sparking conspiracy theories as to why the talented singer faced such a situation, reports.

"I think the voting process was rigged," aesthetician Virgie Potolin, a Jessica fan, is quoted as saying.

Kevin Nadal, a psychology professor, also mentioned race as a possible factor for Jessica's elimination. “Many have cited race as a major influence throughout the history of American Idol. In fact, African-Americans cited race as the main reason Jennifer Hudson was voted off in Season 3." Jennifer Hudson is now both a Grammy and Oscar Award winner.

Meanwhile, in an article entitled "American Idol Hopeful Jessica Sanchez Exemplifies Why Star Candidates Don't Get Hired," Fil-Am contributor Caroline Ceniza-Levine said that, while Jessica definitely had the talent, it wasn't surprising that she was almost eliminated. According to Caroline, Jessica made three costly mistakes: she chose a song not a lot of people knew (Jazmine Sullivan's "Stuttering"), she catered to the judges' wants and not the audience's, and she "[underestimated] the importance of likeability."

(Screencap via YouTube)

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