1Mother of three Chesca Garcia-Kramer admits that she is a worrywart when it comes to her kids. When she had Kendra, her firstborn, she would always check her chest to see if she was still breathing. "It is part of being a mom," she says. "I’m glad my husband (Doug Kramer) is there to support us because I cry agad."

She then shared her bedtime ordeal with her second daughter, Scarlett, who would wake up crying in the middle of the night because of the burning itch of eczema (more commonly known as skin asthma). She got extremely worried then because she's aware that young kids can’t really express how they feel.

She also knew that it should be taken seriously because eczema can affect a child's behavior; they can be aloof and be susceptible to bullying because of the rashes. For help, she immediately turned to her pediatrician and discovered that eczema is a common problem, that flare-ups can be triggered by dust, harsh soaps, heat, and pets, but there was a surefire solution to fight it.

"Our pediatrician recommended Elica, and it really helped relieve Scarlett of the itch, redness, and swelling because of her eczema," Chesca reveals. She raved about the 24-hour relief the over-the-counter treatment gives, and highly recommended it to the moms and kids who suffer the same problem. "Sweet dreams na at night," she concludes.

FLASHBOX PHOTO: Instagram @chekakramer

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