Charlene_Gonzales_article.jpgIn this article, actress Charlene Gonzalez shares that she never feels jealous when other female celebs express their desire to be paired with husband Aga Muhlach onscreen.  “Actually, natutuwa ako pag nagkaka-crush sila kay Aga,” Charlene tells “I like it kase siyempre parang irresistible ang asawa ko, di ba?”

It takes a confident woman like Charlene to skip the possessive-aggressive attitude when other women (especially attractive, famous women) admit to crushing on her hubby (who just happens to be attractive and famous himself). And even if Aga’s major movie comeback this year will match him up with It-girl Angel Locsin and singing diva Regine Velsaquez, this doesn’t put a damper on Charlene’s self-assurance. “Okay lang sa akin yun. I’m very [secure],” she goes on to say.

While Charlene’s mindset is admirable—drawing perhaps from a strong marriage and a deep-seated trust in her partner—not all situations are quite so smooth-sailing. Some women give in to violent bouts of jealousy when they think someone else is attracted to their husband—even if their suspicions are unfounded. In contrast, when other women discover that there is indeed an attraction—and it’s more than just a crush—they simply don’t know how to react.

Caught in a similar situation? Here are three possible scenarios and the best way to deal with them.

SCENARIO 1: You think a woman might be attracted to your man, but you’re not sure—and you’re totally jealous.

SOLUTION: Conquer your insecurities.

Most likely, you’re feeling jealous because you believe—however mistakenly—that this woman is attractive enough to catch your boyfriend or husband’s interest. Don’t fall into that trap! Your partner is with you for a reason—you’re beautiful, smart, funny, and what’s more, you understand him—so don’t think that the new piece of eye candy at the office will be enough to divert his attentions from the woman he truly loves. This article by gives three steps to getting over your jealousy: first, discuss your insecurities with your partner (in a calm, collected manner) so he will know where you stand on the issue; second, try to think about events differently so you can see the real context of your partner’s interaction with the woman in question; and third, erase your doubts so you can avoid being unnecessarily paranoid.

SCENARIO 2: A woman is definitely attracted to your man, but she’s not doing anything about it.

SOLUTION: Keep your mouth shut but your eyes open.

Look at it this way: the woman’s attraction to your partner (however bothersome it may seem at first) is a compliment to your excellent taste in men. But don’t get too lax—just because she isn’t doing anything now doesn’t mean she won’t try something in the future. Find the balance between vigilance and mistrust—the former will help you keep track of any possible advances this woman may make on your man so you can act accordingly (without appearing like a crazed stalker), while the latter will cause you to unnecessarily involve your man in your suspicions (basically turning a molehill into a mountain). Although this may seem a little premature, the advice from this article is something to abide by: “The other woman may not give up easily.” So don’t overreact, but be on the look out for all the warning signs. You know what they say—keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

SCENARIO 3: A woman is without a doubt coming on to your man.

SOLUTION: Ask your man to change the way he interacts with her.

If the woman is constantly flirting with him, exhibiting super suggestive body language when he is around, or has openly asked him for some alone time, it’s time to let your man in on the game plan. While it may not be possible for him to cut all interaction with her (she might be a coworker with whom he is required to work closely), he can change the way he interacts with her. Ask him to treat her with nothing more than the utmost professionalism and to avoid any displays of familiarity or platonic affection. Furthermore, he shouldn’t consent to meeting or communicating with her on a personal basis—drinks after work, Facebook-walling on the weekends, and so on—so he doesn’t encourage her attentions any further. This article on how to handle the “other woman” says that the secret is to keep her out of your life as much as possible, and limit your man's interaction with her to the bare minimum.

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