Cecile Ongpauco said she meant Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero no harm after she listed the reasons why she opposes his relationship with her daughter, actress Heart Evangelista.

“Sorry to hear that. We did not wish to harm anybody,” Cecile was quoted by PEP.ph as saying in response to Chiz’s statement that he and his family felt hurt because of what the Ongpaucos have said about him. “My statement, as I said, is just the proof of what I experienced with Mr. Escudero. It’s not coming from anything but my actual experience of the things he’s been doing. He has children. When they grow up, I wish they don’t experience such a thing. As a mother, I’m just simply narrating things as I’ve experienced under Mr. Escudero, that’s all… It’s just that we are really suffering now because we of think his actions toward our family, and about trying to control our daughter who was so innocent about these things… We don’t wish anyone to be subjected to anything like he has subjected our family to.”

She also maintained that she never looked down on Chiz because of his financial stature. “We’re not belittling anyone. We’re still asking asking, begging him, so to speak, to not do this to our family.”

She then proceeded to tell the media about what Chiz would allegedly do to Heart.

Lasing na lasing parati, kahit hindi mo nakikita, lasing,” she said. “Mababalitaan mo, ang anak mo, iyak nang iyak kasi pinagsisigawan na, ganito-ganyan. Mga katulong pupunta [sa ‘yo], ‘Ma’am, umiiyak si Ma’am Heart. Sinisigawan po...” [Sinasabi ni Chiz], ‘I don’t care about this family! Wala akong pakialam… if they don’t like me. Gagawin ko kung anong gusto kong gawin (He's always drunk, even when you don't see him. You'll hear that your child would cry because he would scream at her a lot. The maids would go to you, 'Ma'am, Ma'am Heart is crying. Chiz is yelling at her, 'I don't care about this family! I don't care if they don't like me. I'll do what I want to do.').’”

Cecile also told the media about how she has seen her daughter behave when she’s in love.

“Honestly, Heart always loses her mind when she’s with someone, when she’s in love,” she said. “Her behavior for all her former boyfriends has been the same, including Chiz. She follows a pattern of total submission. She subordinates herself and caters to everyone... She is treating him [Chiz] the same exact way as she has treated all her former boyfriends. She allows him to practically live in her condo that she owns, she pays for all the households, including the groceries. She allows him to use her Mercedes Benz. In the case of Chiz, he has made her even paranoid that she pays for the gas!”

She also asked that the senator, who is 16 years older than Heart, would find someone more mature to be with.

“I simply wish he could find someone his own age,” she said. “As I say, find someone else his own size, so to speak, and not to do this to my daughter. She’s twenty-eight, but everyone in the industry knows how innocent she is, how naïve she is, how overprotective she’s been. I just wish he’s not taking advantage of that.”

Cecile also expressed her suspicion that the senator wanted Heart to replace her with a different manager so he would be able to manipulate her financially.

“As Heart’s manager, I suspect na he wants to be, wants me, to be substituted by a person who acts as his dummy so he could be Heart’s real manager, to control her financially,” PEP.ph quoted her as saying. “She told her sister to tell her father and me na, ‘I will do every action to remove Mom from my contract...’ I don’t know if she knows all these legalities…Of course, I expect Mr. Escudero knows this, ‘no. It’s a contract and it has to be ano… He’s a lawyer, baka kaya niyang ayusin (He's a lawyer, maybe he can find a way to fix it.).”

She then stressed that she will not allow Chiz to have his way when it comes to Heart’s career.

“Why would I allow it?” she said. “For a man to take advantage, walang kamuwang-muwang ‘yong anak ko… Kawawa naman ‘yong anak ko, abugado ang kanyang katapat. Anak ko, hindi nakatapos ng college, kawawa naman siya (For a man to take advantage, my child is innocent... My poor child, who's up against a lawyer. My child, who was not even able to finish college. I pity her.).”

PEP.ph also reported that Cecile had appealed for Heart to make amends with her father, Rey, whom she said was deeply hurt by his daughter’s actions.

“She texted her father, and her father was very, very hurt yesterday,” she narrated. “And so I felt sorry for my husband because he’s not used to [that]… And no one of the kids has ever, ever done that to him.”

“It’s just very hurtful for her father and he couldn’t eat anymore,” she continued. “He just couldn’t eat and she knows her dad has a lot of... You know, he’s turning 70 and he’s not very vocal about what he feels. But I had to call my other doctor to come because I could feel his pain and he couldn’t eat anymore. He was choking when I was trying to make him eat. And he just doesn’t deserve that because he’s been the best father to my children. And dapat hindi ganun because we didn’t raise her [Heart] that way (And it shouldn't be that way because we didn't raise her that way.).”

"Heart, hindi ka namin pinalaking ganun, you know that,” she appealed to her daughter. “Ako, puwede pa, e. It’s okay, ako, not dad (Heart, we did not raise you to be like this, you know that. You can do that to me. It's okay to do that to me, but not dad.). He’s been the very best father to you, Heart.”

(Photos courtesy of PEP.ph)

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