Bianca Gonzales has come to a realization that the vow she promised JC Intal at their wedding ceremony five years ago was "idealistic and said through rose-tinted specs." 

Looking hard at her own marriage, the mother of two writes on Instagram: "Anyone who has been married for several years knows that married life is FAR from picture perfect moments like these.


"And anyone who is married with kids knows that the blissful newlywed stage is FAAAR from the exhausted, sleepless, breastfeeding-and-chasing-after-kids stage.

"Marriage is a daily choice to love your spouse. There are days when you say or do hurtful things. There are decisions and situations where you don't get along.

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"Marriage requires effort, and it is an unending series of mistakes and learnings."


Bianca and JC had their ceremonial renewal of wedding vows recently with their daughters Lucia, 3, and baby Carmen as witnesses.

ABS-CBN host says in her IG post, five years can be "a bit 'soon' to renew wedding vows."

But she and husband JC Intal "felt it was the perfect time to be reminded of what marriage is and how we can continue to nurture our relationship as husband and wife."


Bianca further writes, "JC and I aren't really big on gift-giving, so we felt this was the best way for us to celebrate our fifth year.

"Our vows during our wedding day were idealistic and said through rose-tinted specs.

"Our vows today after 5 years and 2 kids were more rooted and real.

"I cried hearing my husband share what was in his heart, and I cried while reassuring him of my love and apologizing for my shortcomings in the midst of the daily grind of my being focused on our young kids' needs.

"We smiled at each other hearing each one's vows, because we wrote them separately, but apparently we ended our vows saying the exact same thing.

"Mahal, like I said 5 years ago, may we both never forget the feeling of our wedding day, and may we both never forget the feeling of today. #jcandb

"To all married couples reading this, I highly recommend renewal of vows when you feel the time is right."


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