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For Abi, love's path is a forked road. One leads to the stereotypical "Mr. Right"—kind, handsome and successful, with a beautiful engagement ring to boot, while the other gives way to a former love, a casual relationship she can't even put a status on because they were never together in the first place. He sends her e-mail from the U.S. recounting his enduring quest to find her, complete with insinuations of possibly rekindling old flames. Even after eight years, this guy still makes her heart skip a beat. Naturally, she can't have both. So what's a girl to do?

In the midst of juggling her career as an assistant interior designer to an eccentric, high maintenance boss, Abi shifts from the past to the present and back, awaiting to discover her heart's desire. Surrounded by five newfound friends, Abi has to reassess the past few years of her life and decide whether to settle for her okay life with current flame Cris, or fight for the possibility of eternal love with someone she hasn't seen in almost a decade.


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"The entire whale-watching trip was spent taking pictures of themselves from the deck because the dolphins refused to come out and play. And because the day's entertainment was incomplete without the dolphins, Cris's college buddies and their girlfriends suggested dinner and drinks at North Pole, along Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete.

'Er, do we really have to go with them?' Abi had asked.

'Yes, we need to make an appearance.'

'An apperance? Can I just skip it?'

'Hon, they'll think we're fighting. You have to be there, we're a couple.'


'It's the proper thing.' The discussion had ended. He smiled sheepishly. 'And hon, your shorts are a little too short, please change them. Thanks, hon.'

At North Pole, Abi found that nothing had changed in the small pub. Framed by floral curtains, the large windows looked out into the same boulevard and its row of gnarly trees and into the sea. The darkened sea was still dotted here and there by yellow lights from fishing boats.

Eight years ago, Juno kissed her full on the mouth in a devilish attempt to shock a group of elderly people who were having coffee at the next table. Abi had been shocked, but the old people smiled sweetly, tilted their heads, and said, 'Awww.'

She remembered the way the old people - visitors from Manila - clapped when, after his evil agenda had backfired, Juno told them that they were on a honeymoon. The tourists even bought them a round of beer."

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