Actress Ayen Munji-Laurel, who starred with Marian Rivera in the 2011 GMA epicserye Amaya, says that, contrary to the rumors often heard about her, the younger star has never demonstrated a holier-than-thou attitude on set.

“I think, alam naman ni Marian na 'yung ugali niyang... kung ano 'yung sinasabi ng tao sa kanya, minsan eksaherasyon na,” Ayen was quoted as saying in “Or kung meron mang truth doon, o kahit siguro ako... Minsan sa trabaho natin, may times na umiinit din ang ulo mo, may times na napapagod ka din (I think Marian knows that her attitude...whatever it is that people are saying about her is sometimes exagerrated. Or if there's some truth there, even in my case... In our line of work, you will sometimes get angry or tired.) .

She also adds that the Marian’s high degree of fame might have only served to aggravate the rumors. “Sa kanya siyempre, nama-magnifiy. Kasi siguro, she’s a big star kaya parang 'yung maliliit na bagay, minsan napapalaki. Sa totoo naman, marami ding ganoon sa showbiz na hindi lang napapansin dahil hindi naman kasing laki as a star ni Marian (With her, of course, it's magnified. Maybe it's because she's a big star, that's why even the small things are blown out of proportion. The truth is that there are a lot of people in showbiz who are like that, but we don't notice them because they aren't as big a star as Marian.).”

Si Marian, always on time ‘yan sa set, so 'yung ganoon. Pero nothing really abnormal in my experience, na nag-inarte lang siya... walang ganoon (Marian's always on time on set. But there's nothing really abnormal in my experience, such instances where she just acts up... nothing like that.).”

Ayen also shared that Marian is a delight to work with, attesting to her co-star's professionalism. “Pag nakuha mo ang ugali niya at pag nagkasundo naman kayo, tuluy-tuloy 'yun,” she shared. “Kumbaga, she’s very thoughtful, maalaga rin siya sa kaeksena niya, which I experienced so many times. Hindi siya 'yung tipong madamot. Kumbaga, if you need time to concentrate on whatever you have to, nandoon siya—she’s there to support you (Once you're able to get her attitude and you get along well, that will go on and on. She's very thoughtful, and she takes care of the people who appear with her in her scenes, which I experienced so many times. She's not selfish. If you need time to concentrate on whatever you have to, she'll be there--she's there to support you.).”

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