andi_eigenmann.jpgTwo months after news of her pregnancy broke out, actress Andi Eigenmann has finally returned to the small screen, in an interview with TV host Boy Abunda. Just one month from the date she's due to give birth to a baby girl, she appeared on news show Bandila's "Ikaw Na" segment on October 3 to talk about her impending motherhood, her family, and her dreams for the future.

Andi first clarified reports that she's going to be a teenage mother. "I'm not saying that I'm not old enough, but I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm 21," she is quoted as saying on

Still, she says, she didn't expect to find herself in this situation this early in her life, and there were moments when she asked why things had to turn out this way. Now, she says she is past negative thinking and is ready for what God has in store for her and her soon-to-be baby.

"Lahat ng mga stuff na dating alam ko I deserve and that I wanted to achieve, I know that I can still achieve them because this is not a punishment, this is a present. I'm very much honored. It's a blessing from God, and I'm very much honored," she is quoted as saying.
Despite the controversies surrounding her pregnancy, Andi remains strong, and she's confident that she can still get back into showbiz and achieve her dreams. "I'm designed to be successful at something," she tells Boy. "I just have to believe in myself, just go for it, as long as I know that I'm not hurting anybody, and I just do what I know that I love."

A big part of Andi's confidence lies in the support of her family. She reveals that, while she'd actually thought of moving out before, her pregnancy has taught her just how important living with her mom is to her. "Mas gusto ko pang makasama yung mommy ko even more than my friends," she explains. "Because I know that my mom, of all the people, she is one person I know that I can trust and will support me, and will be there for me when it comes to anything at all."

As for how her pregnancy is progressing so far, Andi says her baby is healthy, and she's doing fine herself. In fact, she's bored--but, she clarifies, that's because she's so excited to meet her baby. "Bored, in a very positive way. It's just that I'm so looking forward to the future."

Her message to her baby girl? "No matter what happens, just like my mom is to me, no matter what happens, I will always, always, always [try] and be the best I can be to you," she tells Boy. "And there's nothing to worry about even if it's just gonna be the two of us, because there's a lot of other people there who will love you as much as I would."

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