article_albie-andie-accusations.jpgAfter the May 5 nightclub brawl that left Albie Casiño battered and bruised, the actor and his mom, Rina Casiño, appeared last May 7 on TV Patrol 25 for an interview with Korina Sanchez, reports. During their time on air, Albie relayed to Korina what happened to him that night, while showing the camera wounds that spanned his lips down to his neck.

"I see like four to five guys run into me. They start punching me and I fall down. I curl up like this and my feet are up and they just started stomping on me," said Albie. "And they were saying, 'Ano, masarap ba yung ganti? Eto yung ganti ni Andi' ('Does revenge feel good? This is Andi's revenge')."

In a previous interview with, Andi said that Albie had given her a dirty look when they chanced upon each other at the Makati nightclub where the attack occured. But according to Albie, it was only coincidence that they found themselves in the same place, and he had not seen Andi prior to the slapping and wine-throwing incident. He had just emerged from the men's room when Andi saw him.

"I wasn’t looking her bad," Albie explained. "I didn’t shoulder-check her. I didn’t push her. I didn’t shove her. I didn’t do anything."

"I was walking, and then, boom, I got slapped here," he continued while gesturing to his left cheek. "And when I got slapped, I looked to see who it is, and then wine is thrown at my face."

When asked if he believes Andi was directly involved in the matter, Albie promptly replied yes.

According to Albie, Andi went up to him after he had just been beaten up and asked if he was okay. She then told him not to show himself to her in public "kasi papatayin ka ng mga 'yan (they will kill you)."

When Albie asked Andi for their names, Andi simply said, "Hindi mo kaya 'yan. Promise, hindi mo kaya 'yan (You can't take them. Promise, you can't take them)." This was enough to prove to Albie that Andi knew of the plan to beat him up.

Albie's camp believes three individuals were involved: Neil Arce, Jeric Lacson, and Frank Magalona. Neil Arce is a professional poker player and Maxene Magalona's rumored boyfriend, Jeric Lacson is Senator Ping Lacson's son, and Frank Magalona is the late Francis Magalona's son. Another person, Carlos Concepcion, was initially identified, but the Casiños retracted the statement after it was revealed that Carlos was at home during the incident.

After the accusations came out, Frank's mom, Pia Magalona, immediately released a statement on TV Patrol: "I would like to officially state that these are volery serious accusations against my son, and I ask for an investigation into the truth. It is irresponsible of the media to name him as one of the attackers when he is not even proven to be invved in the matter." Jeric and Neil have not spoken up about the situation.

Albie had this to say about his attackers: "Ba't n'yo ginawa 'yon? Wala naman akong ginagawa sa inyo, hindi ko naman kayo kilala. Kapag hindi kayo pinigilan ng mga tao, baka pinatay n'yo ako (Why did you do that? I didn't even do anything to you; I don't even know you. If people didn't stop you, you would probably have killed me)."

Albie's camp is currently deliberating on the kind of charges they'll be filing against those who beat up the young actor. It's also possible that they will file a complaint against Andi.

In the same interview, Albie's mom Rina also said that she's had it with Andi's lies; the actress had stated in an interview with The Buzz on May 6 that Albie had slapped, pushed, and choked her.

Rina said, "Para sabihin mo na binugbog ka ng anak ko, tama na ‘yang kasinungalingan mo! (For you to say that my son beat you up, your lies have got to stop!). It's too much, Andi. Too much!"

To add fuel to the fire, Rina mentioned Andi's mom, Jaclyn Jose, in her tirade.

"Ito, alalahanin mo 'yonumiiyak ka sa akin about your mom, na alcoholic, na beating you up 'pag nakakainom kaya nila-lock mo yung door mo (Remember this--you came crying to me about your mom, saying she's an alcoholic who beats you up when she's had a drink, which is why you have to lock your door)," Rina said angrily while pointing one finger at the camera.

"Kaya ayokong magsalita dati kasi I was still protecting you (I didn't want to say anything in the past because I was still protecting you)," she continued. "Tama na, Andi. Sinisira mo hindi lang si Albie kundi yung pamilya namin (That's enough, Andi. You're not just ruining Albie's reputation but our family's as well)."

Andi took to Twitter to defend her mom against the allegations. A May 7 tweet reads, "I know it doesnt matter, because its up to the viewers to decide. But for the record, my mom never hurt me. NEVER." reports that Jaclyn Jose responded to these statements with a message to TV Patrol on May 8, in which she denied Rina's claims. "I am not alcoholic, been working in this business for a long time. Kung alcoholic ako, wala sana akong trabaho. Alam ng industry ang record ko, how professional I am, and hindi ko kailanman binubugbog anak ko. At lalong di ko pinalaking sinungaling ang mga anak ko. (If I were an alcoholic, I wouldn't have a job. The industry knows my record, how professional I am, and I have never beat up my child. And what's more, I didn't raise my children to be liars."

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