Believing in yourself is easier said than done. It can take a lot of effort to accept that you can actually be something more than what you are now. But don't worry, with a gentle push to the right direction, you'll eventually get there.

Top model Georgina Wilson graced the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s "Into the Blue," a photo exhibit which highlights the power of the main camera of Samsung's flagship device. Check out her five simple ways on how you can get your girl power on.

Model Georgina Wilson with photographer BJ Pascual
“Surround yourself with the right people.”
Know who you real friends are. “Surround yourself with the people who are with you for the right reasons and who can give you the proper feedback… and who encourage you in everyday life,” says Georgina. There may be a lot of people who you consider as acquaintances, but it’s important to have a tight-knit support group that you can really trust.

“Be sure of who you are.”
It’s okay to explore new things, as long they’re within the limits of what’s good for you. Georgina shares a piece of advice: “Don’t go experimenting [or] doing things that are detrimental to you.” Knowing exactly who you are can make you comfortable with yourself both inside and out, and can help guide you in making right decisions.

“Trust your gut-feel.”
Learning to listen to that tiny voice of encouragement inside of you can give you that power boost every day. “Confidence comes from being secure with your decisions.” When you know you’re on the right path, you can strut your stuff with your head held high.

“Feed your mind with things that make you more confident.”
Keep yourself open to new ideas that can help hone your talents and skills. “What do you want to be known for? Whatever you are, be the best at that,” Georgina suggests. “Improve yourself constantly. Constantly be learning. I think the most confident of people are also very intelligent, and you can tell that they are at ease with themselves.”

“Have fun!”
You never shine brighter than when you’re happiest. “If you’re having fun, then you feel confident. That’s what’s most important.”

PHOTO: Instagram @stylizedstudio, Owen, BJ Pascual from "Own The Night" series

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