No dramatic gowns with long, flowy trains and sharp suits were in sight in this Cebuano couple’s refreshing, locally-themed prenup photos, which went viral on Facebook on Friday, April 19.


Wendy and Roger wanted to do something different for their prenup shoot, and they did exactly that—in fact, they made it even more meaningful. The couple flew all the way to Bohol, but instead of shooting in its pristine beaches or tourist-y spots like Chocolate Hills, they headed over to a rural setting located in Candijay, Bohol, where they switched into their kamisa de chino and baro't saya, respectively. 

According to their photographer Wildfolk Studios’ now-viral post, they truly admired how Wendy and Roger “relived some of the Filipino culture.”


In the photos, the couple can be seen harvesting, walking hand-in-hand through bukid with fruit baskets over their heads, and even washing their clothes by an ilog. Set against Bohol's breathtaking rice terraces, the resulting shots looked every bit like an old Filipino painting. 

In a phone interview with Beth Alojipan of Wildfolk Studios, the photographer shared that the only challenge with the shoot (as how it goes with all outdoor shoots) was time constraint. "We started the shoot by 4 p.m. already because [it takes up to two to three hours to get to Candijay] from Tagbilaran, Bohol," which means they only had about two hours to scout the area and capture the photos before the sun disappeared. So for couples who are planning to have their prenup shoot in the same location, Beth suggests "to leave for Candijay in the morning so [couples] can have a lot of shoots they can do. There are still a lot of beautiful places in Candijay that we haven't shot already because of time constraint. They still have the falls."


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