Planning to shoot your pre-wedding photos in Japan? There are plenty more places worth visiting for your prenup in the Land of the Rising Sun than the busy streets in Tokyo or the temples in Kyoto. Up north in Hokkaido, you can find Furano, a laid-back town that's famous for its vast stretch of flower fields. The farms are peppered with all sorts of vibrant blooms, from lavenders, lilies, sunflowers, to poppies. 

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One couple recently had their prenup photos taken in the scenic location, and the shots, which were captured by Chestknots Studio, almost looked like postcards! Take a look: 

"It was refreshing to shoot in a laid-back province of Furano, [as it was] far from the urban feel of the city," shares Jayjay Lucas, owner and Executive Creative Director of Chestknots Studio.

According to Jayjay, the best way to travel to Furano is to "rent a car [in the city] so we could have control of our time and the sights we wanted to see."

"Just plan ahead for what parks you want to go in because they are far apart from each other. [It would be best] to stay [for a] night in Furano so you could start the [next] day early exploring," he advises. 

The flower fields are a tourist spot in Furano so it's best to arrive there early in the morning "to avoid a lot of tourists. Plan your route so you could maximize the time per location." 


You can take photos to your heart's content because most of the fields don't come with an entrance fee. "There was only one park that we needed to pay a pre-wedding fee but it came with a goody bag so it was worth it. Other parks it was just free to shoot around," shares the wedding photographer. 

According to Japan Guide, the best time to visit Furano for hanami or flower viewing is during the summer between June and September when the plants are in full bloom. 

Time to plan that Japan trip

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