Wat and Gino tied the knot in an intimate destination wedding in Bicol. Their families and friends from the city flew all the way to Naga to take part in their solemn celebration of love and life.

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Love Story

Wat and Gino met when they were still working for the same company. Their contrasting personalities paved way for a colorful love story as the two didn't exactly get along in the beginning. Although they communicated through mobile messaging, they appeared to be strangers in public.

Gino is usually dubbed as a snob since he typically keeps his thoughts to himself, but he took everyone by surprise during one team building activity at the office. Wat shares, "The facilitator asked each one of us to share a deep secret to the team. When it was Gino’s turn to speak, he said, 'Gusto ko lang sabihin na ang greatest fear ko is to lose the people I love, my family, those dear to me.  And I’d like to take this opportunity to say, I really like Wat.'"

Gino’s surprise confession was just a precursor for their engagement. For Gino's birthday a few years ago, Wat planned a trip to Dumaguete. She wanted to surprise Gino, so she coordinated with the hotel--little did Wat know that Gino was concocting something on his own.

While they were unwinding in the hotel, she asked Gino what his birthday wish was. The reply she got from him left her speechless. When Gino answered, "That you say yes to me." He then got down on one knee, and they began their beautiful journey to marriage life.


Wedding Preparations

Wat and Gino had a lovely destination wedding in a quaint church in Naga, Bicol. The celebration featured vintage-inspired items in black, white, silver, and red, creating a romantic classic-meets-modern theme.

The groom's mother created of most of the DIY projects incorporated in the wedding. Among the notable details were the boutonnieres, which were made of buri roses and feathers in black and white. The flowers in the bouquets used during the ceremony were made of dried buri leaves as well. Moreover, Quaint lamps and native items added a rustic feel to the celebration.

With their effort, Wat and Gino pulled off a wonderful celebration. According to the bride, the key to having a successful wedding is by trusting your suppliers. She adds, "A wedding is not only a day for the bride and groom. It's a celebration of love for family, relatives, and friends, thus it is important to consider your guests’ sake too."
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