Twinkle and Carlo had a midnight-inspired destination wedding in Tagaytay. In keeping with the theme, their families and friends donned outfits with purple, midnight blue, and yellow accents.

The festive celebration channeled the beautiful skies that appear at midnight: quiet, breezy, and romantic.

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Love Story

Twinkle and Carlo first met when they were still in high school. "I had a huge crush on him back in high school. On our fourth year, he gave me a charm bracelet, which unfortunately, I lost weeks after while I was on a jeepney," shares Twinkle. As if losing the bracelet was an omen, things also didn’t work out for the two. The timing just wasn't right then.

When Twinkle and Carlo went to college, they eventually lost contact. However, they met again at their high school reunion, and gave their halted romance a second try. Going out on dates further solidified their relationship until they finally became a couple.

When Carlo decided to ask Twinkle for her hand in marriage, circumstances nearly ruined his plan. On the day that he was set to propose, his sister, who was the ring's keeper, forgot to bring the ring to the venue. "He went out for a time, wearing barong and rubber shoes, and returned carrying a bouquet of red roses. He then took me by the hand and in the middle of our living room, he went down on his knee and ask me if I would marry him. After I said yes, he then pulled out from his pocket a silver tie wire shaped like a ring. He asked me to wear it for the meantime until I get the real ring," shares Twinkle.


Wedding Preparations

Twinkle and Carlo had an intimate wedding ceremony in beautiful Tagaytay. Decor and outfits in midnight blue, purple, and yellow created a lovely scene that perfectly suited the location's climate.

The bride added her personal touch to the celebration by taking charge of some of the details. "My DIY projects included the wedding cord, the star wands, the pompoms, the boutonnieres, the corsages, the headbands, the missalettes, and the drawing of the map inserted in our invites. But my main project was my bouquet, which I created using colorful brooches in all shapes and sizes," Twinkle shares.

According to the bride, planning ahead and having good communication with her suppliers paved the way for their successful wedding. She adds, "Be very specific with the instructions you give your coordinator. Also, prepare an inspiration board so you can show your suppliers what you want. Moreover, enjoy the entire wedding planning journey, and of course savor the fruits of your labor on your wedding day."
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