Sam and Benitz celebrated their big day with a simple, modern Oriental-themed wedding at Fernbrook Gardens. Their guests, many of whom came from different parts of the world, felt very at ease during the wedding as both the ceremony and reception were held in one venue. DIY details featuring plum and yellow details gave the intimate gathering an even cozier feel.

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Love Story

A three-and-a-half-hour flight used to separate Sam and Benitz from each other--Sam was based in Singapore while Benitz was living in the Philippines. Because of the special connection they had shared since their first meeting in 2002, the distance between them never was a hindrance to their relationship. Instead, being apart helped them realize that they were meant for each other.

To show that their love was worth going the extra mile, Benitz' plan of proposing to Sam also was conceived with a lot of time and effort. Benitz had originally planned to pop the question when the couple went on a family trip to Taiwan. However, Benitz felt that it wasn't the right time and place, and so he postponed his proposal.

Months later, while they having a special post-anniversary dinner in a cable car going to Sentosa in Singapore, Benitz finally felt the time was right to propose to Sam. With the perfect time, place, and person before him, there was nothing left for Benitz to do but ask Sam to marry him. Sam, of course, topped their breathtaking sky dining experience with a sweet yes.

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Wedding Preparations

To achieve their wedding's Oriental theme, Sam and Benitz incorporated a fresh, modern twist on their wedding details. Their plum and yellow details exhibited chic elements that complemented their chosen theme.


The couple also busied themselves with a lot of DIY projects. They made several trips to Quiapo to source materials to craft wine charms, table napkin accents, cord, offertory candles, and candle holders for the ceremony and reception. With the help of their friends, they successfully pulled off the look they wanted to achieve for the wedding.

Sam and Benitz were able to showcase all their special projects in the multi-functional Fernbrook Gardens, which was the venue for both the ceremony and reception. Their venue also allowed their guests, most of whom were from abroad, to mingle and enjoy everything that the couple had prepared for them all in one place. The wedding’s unique theme, detailed planning, a convenient venue, and a lot of love made Sam and Benitz' wedding a smashing success.

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