Rox and Lem celebrated their big day with a posh vintage theme that featured a bold hot pink and black color motif. Laced with spunky and whimsical details, the couple's wedding exhibited a modern, upbeat vibe and classic charm.

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Love Story

Rox and Lem met through a common friend--Lem's neighbor and Rox's officemate--back in 2007. Lem saw Rox on their common friend's Friendster page, and urged that friend to introduce him to Rox. "But that didn't happen right away. Our friend told him to wait because he just got out of a relationship, while I was sort of involved with someone else," shares Rox. Then on one fateful night in December 2007, the two were both invited to a Christmas party--and the two instantly hit it off.


On Rox's 28th birthday, Lem decided to give her a gift she would never forget. Together with some relatives and friends, the couple went on a vacation in Caramoan, where they spent the day hanging out in a nipa hut with a viedeoke machine. When night fell, Lem told Rox that since he wasn't able to get her a gift, he would just sing for her. The first song he sang from the videoke machine was Adam Sandler's Grow Old with You, which he followed with the OPM song Ipagpatawad Mo. At first, Rox and everyone else were shocked and weirded out by Lem's singing. But when he got to the second song, Lem suddenly acknowledged their 23rd monthsary as a couple then blurted out "Will you marry me?" as he brought out a ring from his pocket. Caught off-guard, Rox replied "Sige na nga!" Admittedly, she wouldn't have any other answer to Lem's question but yes.

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Wedding Preparations

Rox and Lem tied the knot with a Tagaytay wedding that was marked with a posh vintage theme. Paired with a bold hot pink and black color motif, the couple's spunky and whimsical affair featured a nice contrast of modern and classic elements.

The upbeat vibe of the wedding spoke so much about the couple's personalities, as they are both fond of lively parties. To make their personalities stand out even more at their wedding, the bride got her hands busy with a number of DIY projects, which included the invites, ceremony accessories, and souvenirs. While the couple was very hands-on with planning their wedding, they were faced with a big hitch on their wedding day: the bride woke up with chickenpox. Still, the couple soldiered on, and they went on to enjoy the day's festivities.

In keeping with the couple's fun personalities, alternative rock music was played throughout the wedding. The couple then entertained the guests with dance numbers to the tune of Adam Sandler's Grow Old with You and the OPM song Ipagpatawad Mo--songs which were sung by the groom when he proposed. All these were successfully pulled off and made the couple's wedding special. With the outpour of love and support on their big day, the couple felt that nothing could deny them of their happily ever after.


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