Magic has always been a part of Richelle and Don's relationship, so it was only right that they celebrated that magic during their wedding. Combining Richelle's love of literature and Don's knack for the romantic, the couple's A Midsummer Night's Dream-inspired wedding was the perfect setting for their happily ever after.

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Love Story

Don's first marriage proposal to Richelle was out of this world, literally.

Richelle and Don were both players of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Ragnarok. Their characters, a blacksmith and a priestess, crossed paths and eventually became friends. Richelle and Don often chatted online, making their own friendship real despite the virtual environment. Because they had become so fond of each other, Don's blacksmith asked Richelle's priestess to marry him, binding their online characters. Soon, they no longer limited themselves to chatting online and began talking on the phone. Richelle and Don became more than just characters in a fantasy world and truly began to care for one another.

Many months passed before they finally met face-to-face. Richelle, who was based in Bacolod, had to visit Manila on her second year of law school. Don met her at the airport when she arrived. Their first meeting was even more magical than the fantasy world where they had first crossed paths. By the time Richelle's visit to Manila was over, she and Don were a couple. For four years, they maintained a long-distance relationship, as they both went back and forth between Manila and Bacolod.

Less than a year after Richelle graduated from law school, the couple watched the sunset at Sofitel. There, Don got down on one knee and proposed. Richelle accepted, and they had their fairytale wedding to seal their love.


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Wedding Preparations

Even if Richelle and Don had a very clear vision for their wedding, they made sure they were flexible and open-minded, which enabled them to avoid arguments during the wedding planning stages. They wanted their wedding to be romantic and intimate, but also fun and entertaining, which is why their wedding theme was inspired by the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night's Dream. Richelle and Don turned to bridal fairs and the Internet to find suppliers who would make their vision come to life. Because Richelle and Don worked together and were very hands-on with the planning, they were able to turn their reception venue into an enchanted forest, which was the perfect setting for their fairytale wedding.

After falling in love in a magical virtual realm, Richelle and Don found love in the real world. Fighting magical battles online were nothing compared to battling the distance and maintaining a long-distance relationship. But Richelle and Don's love was strong enough to overcome all those obstacles, and they tied the knot with a wedding that celebrated their love's strength without needing magic.

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