Rein and Jeff's budget wedding by the beach became the perfect celebration of their relationship. The couple filled their event with special do-it-yourself projects, which made their affair even warmer.

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Love Story

Rein and Jeff had the same circle of friends back in high school, as they attended the same school. While they hung out with the same set of people, they didn't talk to each other that much--they later went to different colleges, and eventually lost touch after high school.

One random day on their third year in college, Rein sent text messages to her high school friends when she realized that she missed them--Jeff was included in her list of recipients. Jeff replied to Rein's message, thinking that he was the only one Rein texted. The two started exchanging messages from then on, and eventually, their connection developed into a romantic relationship.


On their sixth year as a couple, Rein and Jeff started planning their wedding. Rein felt that there wasn't any need for a formal proposal, but little did she know that Jeff thought otherwise.

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The two went to Negros Oriental, and while there, Rein and Jeff decided to visit Manjuyod White Sandbar. As they were walking to explore the island, Jeff asked Rein to close her eyes. Rein instead turned her back to Jeff, and waited until Jeff asked her to turn around. When Jeff gave her the go signal, Rein found "Will you?" written on the sand, as Jeff presented her with a ring. Instead of answering the question, Rein hugged Jeff to signal her yes.

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Wedding Preparations

Rein and Jeff wanted a happy wedding that reflected their personalities. The bride says, "When we were planning the wedding, we stuck to what we wanted and listened to other people's suggestions--and then discussed the ideas privately." Doing so allowed them to make their celebration truly theirs.


To further personalize the affair, Rein and Jeff took on several DIY projects. They made their invitations, souvenirs, and even the décor for their event. Not only did the crafts allow the couple to put their stamp on the various wedding details, but the DIY projects helped the couple stick to their budget.

The couple pulled off their budget successfully, and the bride shares her insights to other couples. "If you're having a budget wedding like us, designate your budget. We [prioritized] our [looks and ensembles for the wedding], the venue, the photographer and videographer, the food, and the coordinator. The rest were compromised," says Rein.

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