Reese and Carlo had a colorful beachfront wedding at Panglao Island, Bohol. Their celebration exuded a carefree vibe as it featured elements in a fun color palette.

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Love Story

Reese and Carlo make one unusual couple, and their proposal story mirrored their quirky personalities.

Carlo had flown in to Chicago, where Reese was based, for the Lollapalooza Rock Festival that weekend. While the two had a fun time at the event, Carlo burst Reese's happy bubble by telling her that he would only be staying in the United States for 10 days because he had an important meeting to attend back home.

When the day came for Carlo to leave, Reese grudgingly dropped him off at the airport. Friends then invited her to accompany them to Sears Tower--and while Reese had been there countless times, she agreed since they got free tickets. Upon arriving at the tower, the group found out that one of the glass decks was closed for a VIP event. A mascot dressed as a pink gorilla was dancing and high-fiving people, and one of Reese's friends suggested that they take a photo with the mascot. The friend then started egging the gorilla to pick Reese for a game--and the mascot obliged.

The mascot blindfolded Reese and walked her to the glass deck. Reese writes in their blog, "When he removed the blindfold, I started posing, thinking it was a show--but when I looked back, I saw the pink gorilla, kneeling down, with the mask removed, and it was Carlo! As it turns out, everyone was part of the plan! The pink gorilla asked me to marry him, and I said yes!"

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Wedding Preparations

Reese and Carlo's wedding highlighted their penchant for the unconventional. The couple opted to tie the knot on February 29, their anniversary date.

The couple chose to have a laid-back wedding, which perfectly reflected their fun-loving nature. After having a simple church ceremony, Reese and Carlo then had a beach wedding at Bohol Beach Club in Panglao Island. Close friends and family flew in to witness the intimate affair.

The couple let their wedding details exude a fun vibe by picking a color palette that included yellow, green, teal, coral, purple, and fuchsia. The delicious hues were incorporated into various wedding elements, like the bridesmaids' dresses, décor, invitations, and favors. Reese and Carlo's suppliers brought their vision to life, and in the end, the different details all came together and spelled out a carefree celebration.

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