On April 11, 2013, Henry didn't only turn a year older, but he also gained a partner for life. On that special day, Nina and Henry tied the knot in Baguio, where they were joined by their favorite friends and family.

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Love Story

Nina and Henry met on their last year in college. Their relationship blossomed while working on their final project, in which the two were group mates.

Nina relays, "Both of us were not feeling well, but we had to meet the deadline so we continued doing the group work at his house. After long hours of analyzing, we decided to call it a night, and we all went to his room to sleep. I ended up lying in between him and one of our group mates. When we woke up at around five in the morning, we realized that we're facing each other and we're holding each others' hands."


Wedding Preparations

Nina and Henry got the wedding of their dreams on the groom's birthday. Their special day, which was held in Baguio, their hometown, was filled with happiness and romance as the most important people in their lives surrounded them.

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Majority of the details were personalized by the couple and their relatives. Nina's sister prepared the bride's wedding gown, along with the attires of the entourage. In addition, their friends also helped craft the decor for the reception.

To make the program more interactive, Nina and Henry lined up games for their guests, which fostered an upbeat energy at the gathering.

According to Nina, planning a wedding while abroad wasn't easy. "We relied on our family and friends to help us out with the preparations. Couples who are planning their wedding should use a checklist to streamline all the details. But above all, they should pray to God for a blessed event. True enough, on my wedding day, everything worked wonderfully together."


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