Nikki and Christian celebrated their wedding with a formal celebration featuring classic details. The couple chose a motif featuring violet and apple green, which added a playful flair to the event.

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Love Story

Nikki and Christian first became a couple when they were in high school. By the time they graduated, they had already gone through three breakups, and so they were apart by the time they went to college.

Years after, Nikki and Christian would see each other at their high school reunions. The two were always awkward around each other because they both felt that they still needed closure from their past relationship. However, they would text each other after those reunions.

After a couple more years, Nikki and Christian bumped into each other in Boracay. There, they rekindled their romance, and things eventually worked out for them. In less than a year, Christian decided to propose to Nikki, and they finally started planning for their happily ever after.


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Wedding Preparations

While Nikki and Christian's love story was years in the making, their preparations for their trip down the aisle only took them four months. Despite the short time for planning, the couple pulled off a wonderful celebration. "There was nothing that I could wish for because we only had four months to prepare our wedding and it turned out to be the best and perfect wedding I ever dreamed of," shares the bride.

The couple opted for a classic wedding, which they filled with classic details in violet and apple green. The reception featured a dance number from the couple, and surprise numbers from friends and families as well.

As they planned their wedding, the couple learned several things, and Nikki shares pieces of advice for other couples. "Check all your requirements [like] baptismal [and] confirmation [certificates]. It will take a lot of your time [to accomplish] them," Nikki says. She adds, "Choose what you love. Your motif and theme should be based on your personality and favorites, and not on your friends' choices. And above all, just enjoy what you're doing. Don't stress yourselves too much."


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