Mica and Marc's wedding on 9-10-11 (September 10, 2011) was marked with a lot of modern twists and DIY details that made for a romantic, playful affair. The couple chose the movie The Little Rascals as their wedding theme--the  quirky details were paired with a purple and aqua color palette to exude a chic vibe.

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Love Story

Mica and Marc met through a common friend at a now defunct restaurant called Cena. At first, the two sat at a distance from each other, but when they hopped to another restaurant, Marc sat beside Mica. "We bantered and laughed, but he never offered me a ride home--technique daw niya yun," Mica shares.

Later on, Mica and Marc met again at a friend's party, where everyone was egging Mica to drink. However, since Mica came from an event and was too tired, she declined. When everyone kept on insisting that she drank, Marc got her a glass of apple juice and told everyone that it was vodka. "I was happily sipping my drink knowing that this guy is innately good (and good for me, perhaps)," says the bride. "We went to a concert afterwards, held hands to the tune of Falling in Love by Tortured Souls, and never let go ever since," she gushingly adds.

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Wedding Preparations

"It was a rebellious wedding," the couple proudly shares of their affair. Mica and Marc decided on a playful yet romantic theme that drew inspiration from the movie The Little Rascals. The couple laced their big day with a lot of unique and quirky details that channeled their fun personalities, and made their event nothing short of a memorable and fun-filled affair. With a purple and aqua color motif, the couple created a harmonious fusion of cool and chic details.

The couple also brought out the child in each of their guests with their fun and interactive DIY details. The handcrafted projects gave the wedding a warm and laid-back ambiance. The reception was also made different, as Mica and Marc compressed all the typical wedding traditions in 60 seconds. Doing so gave them more time to interact with their guests.


Mica's exposure to the wedding industry as a makeup artist schooled her on what to expect when she and Marc began their six-month engagement. Despite hitting a few snags as they planned their wedding, the couple made most of what they have and achieved the wedding they had envisioned. "Make the planning period a time to practice decision-making with your future husband," Mica asserts. She adds, "It was a major bonding exercise for Marc and I, as we did a lot of things together, [and] as Marc was very much involved."

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