After 10 years of being sweethearts, Mei and Toper started their new life as husband and wife with a romantic vintage wedding in Caleruega. The entire wedding was a labor of love by the bride and groom and their families. Their efforts gave the wedding details a homey, vintage feel that went with the wedding's theme.

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Love Story

One rainy afternoon, when Mei and Toper were still in high school, Toper borrowed an umbrella from a friend and offered to escort Mei home. He asked if he could call her on the phone and she said yes. From then on, Toper--together with Mei's friends--would accompany Mei home. A month later, Toper told Mei that he loved her, and she told him the same. That same year, he told her that he would marry her after 10 years.

Years passed and Mei and Toper's relationship was still going strong. Toper had gotten a job in Japan and was there for a year before he finally came back to the Philippines. A few months before he flew home, Toper told Mei that he wanted to marry her. Everything was going well between them, but Mei wanted to know whether Toper was "The One." She prayed to God and asked for signs: a pink shirt and white flowers.

One day, while Mei and Toper were having a snack in Mei's house, Toper--who happened to be reading a magazine--showed Mei a photo that had white flowers in it. She looked up and saw that Toper was wearing a pink shirt. Here were her signs from God--Toper was indeed "The One."


Shortly after that, Toper proposed to Mei during a visit to Caleruega church. Mei said yes, but because Toper was going back to Japan for another year, the couple had a civil wedding first. A year later--and ten years after Mei and Toper became a couple in high school--they tied the knot in the same church where Toper had proposed.

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Wedding Preparations

Mei and Toper had a year to plan for their church wedding. Toper was in Japan at the time, but Mei made arrangements for their wedding with the help of her mom. Mei made a list of priorities for the wedding and used the list to work with their budget. She compared the process of planning a wedding to an on-the-job training for married life. Most of the planning went smoothly, except for finding a priest.

Exactly a year before the wedding date, Mei had originally gotten a priest she personally knew. However, the priest was no longer available for their wedding day. So Mei called up Caleruega Church and requested another priest. He was not available either, so another priest was booked to preside over their wedding ceremony. A few weeks later, Mei and Toper went to meet their wedding priest. They found out that the assigned priest was no longer available, so Caleruega church assigned a fourth priest to preside over Mei and Toper's wedding ceremony. All the mishaps turned out to be blessings in disguise--the new priest's ceremony was so moving that it gave Mei and Toper a better wedding ceremony than they had hoped for.


Mei and Toper's romantic vintage wedding was everything they had dreamed of, not only because of the beautiful details, but because after 10 years as sweethearts, they were finally together as husband and wife.

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