Maan and Jaqui's big day exhibited a simple and elegant style that was effortlessly charming. DIY details in a chic green, white, and gray color palette also laced the event.

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Love Story

Maan and Jaqui met on a blind date--they both had just gotten out of their respective relationships, and so their friends decided to set them up. While they both agreed just for fun, Maan and Jaqui clicked so well that the simple blind date led to a blissful seven-year relationship.

On New Year's Eve in 2011, Jaqui decided to set up something extra special for Maan to welcome the year. Maan tagged along when Jaqui went on the trip his family took annually to Tagaytay. Before hearing mass, Jaqui and his twin brother distributed white roses to all the ladies in the family. Jaqui wasn't given any, and even had to ask for one. "Little did I know that at the stroke of midnight, in the midst of jumping up and down and shouting ‘Happy New Year!,' they would all come up to me hand me their roses one by one," shares Maan.

Jaqui then turned up with a bouquet of flowers and approached Maan. It was then that Maan realized what Jaqui was all up to, and she began to cry. "Jaqui went down on one knee but wasn't able to say his speech because I couldn't stop crying. I wasn't able to say yes either. But no words were necessary between the two of us. We knew exactly what each one wanted to say," says Maan.

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Wedding Preparations

Maan and Jaqui wanted their special day to be totally relaxed and stress-free, as they are both involved in busy, taxing careers. "I have always believed in elegance in simplicity. More than anything, I wanted a fun and personal wedding where our guests can enjoy great company, feast on wonderful food, and share a good laugh," says Maan.

With a firm grasp on how they envisioned their wedding, the couple achieved what they wanted. From the touching ceremony right to the charming reception, Maan and Jaqui couldn't ask for anything more. The couple made their affair even more special by lacing it with DIY details. The couple made sure that various elements--like the invites and the favors--were stamped with love.


"My advice to planning couples is to make your wedding your own," asserts Jaqui. She adds, "You may see drool-worthy weddings left and right, but the most beautiful one for you will always be yours. To the obsessive compulsive brides-to-be, don't stress out so much--everything will turn out even better than you expected." Moreover, Jaqui says that having a reputable coordinator is a worthy investment, as theirs helped them pull off their dream wedding.

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