Kel and Nark had a fall-themed wedding, which they laced with details inspired by the '50s. A warm color palette featuring red, orange, and yellow made the affair an inviting one.

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Love Story

Kel and Nark had been classmates in high school, but their memories together weren't all pleasant for Kel. Nark would constantly tease her, which made her mad every time. Little did Kel know that Nark had a crush on her, and he teased her to get her attention.

Years later, one Christmas, Kel sent a generic Christmas message to everyone in her phone book. That message sparked the connection between Kel and her--and eventually, the two would see each other more frequently, whenever they would go home to Cainta. Romance took its course as Kel and Nark got to know each other better.

The couple's relationship was tested when Kel had to go to Canada for work. Despite the distance, the couple remained steadfast. Before Kel left for Canada, Nark proposed and presented her with a ring--and that proposal was what they held on to, allowing them to overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

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Wedding Preparations

Kel and Nark both love the vintage aesthetic, and so they decided that a wedding inspired by the '50s would suit them well. To complement the charming affair, the couple chose a warm palette that included red, orange, and yellow.


The couple's wedding was also inspired by fall in Canada. Kel and Nark consider that season as the most beautiful one, where the leaves are in lovely warm shades. The couple incorporated references to Canada into their wedding--among the notable details were the décor, the cake, and even the favors, which were small jars of maple syrup. Moreover, Kel and Nark did various DIY projects to personalize their wedding.

Kel and Nark had the wedding of their dreams by determining what they want. The bride tells other couples, "Just stay true to what both of you really like. You may have all the suggestions from everyone, but the final say is from you and your husband-to-be. This would make it as personal as it can be and it will reflect the personalities of the both of you."

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