Judy and John met during a three-way conference call with a friend. Their common friend introduced them to each other, and by the time the phone call had ended, Judy and John had exchanged numbers. Both were still in school at the time, and Judy, being an only child, was not yet allowed to have a boyfriend. When they went out on dates, they couldn't hold hands or even walk too close together because they were afraid of being found out. They'd both wake up at midnight to be able to talk to each other on the phone without getting caught.

Things continued in this fashion until, after graduating from college, Judy went to the US to pursue post-graduate studies. Not only were she and John in a secret relationship, they were in a secret long-distance relationship. They finally came out in the open when Judy came home for vacation after a semester abroad, and her parents welcomed John with open arms.


At last, Judy and John's relationship was no longer a secret. They declared their love to the world when they were married in the US, and again two years later during their renewal of vows in the Philippines.

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